Peter Hoddle is a highly-renowned Australian metaphysical therapist and teacher with a profound understanding of the human mind and body.

Peter's approach is a holistic one, that acknowledges the mind and body are intrinsically linked and can only function successfully together in unison. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their inner-truth and connect to their soul, to ultimately achieve true inner-peace and freedom.

Peter began his metaphysical journey in 1971. At the age of 21, he joined an ashram and began to study yoga and meditation. It was here he had a life-changing experience through meditation that transformed and changed the way he viewed life forever.

The experience led to an awareness that he had an incredible gift for relieving peoples pain, through massage and manipulating their bodies. He studied osteopathy and became a licensed practitioner.

Peter's involvement in healing deepened and a fateful meeting with a spiritual healer resulted in a journey that took him around the world and changed his life yet again. He went to the Philippines, where he spent two years studying and working with the famed psychic healer Terte, and also travelled to India twice to visit the holy man, Sai Baba, and study eastern religion.

He also studied metaphysics at The Australian Institute of Metaphysics in Perth, Western Australia.

It became clear to Peter that while physical healing absolutely helped people, change could only happen in those who wanted to change themself; that it was essential for people to take responsibility for why they were the way they were, understand the reasons for the situations they were in, and recognise that sickness and dysfunctional situations have causes often deeply locked in the past.

This led to further study of ways to help people access their unconscious mind, through hypnotherapy and present and past life regression.

Over time Peter developed his own unique treatment style, using a variety of techniques, individually tailored for each client. People sought him out from far and wide for guidance on transforming themselves, their lives and finding enlightenment and health.

By demand, this evolved into a popular series of group workshops for those wanting to deepen their self-understanding.

Additionally, Peter has written frequent columns for various media publications and has travelled extensively to seminars nationwide to speak on the subject of metaphysics and healing.

Peter currently conducts a private practice in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, where he consults as a metaphysical therapist, meditation teacher, counsellor, and regresssional hypnotherapist. He is also currently putting his life journey and discoveries to paper for his first-ever book, The Soul And The Ego - the subject of his current workshop series.