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Question:  Hi Peter, my Mum who is visiting me in Auckland for a while lives with chronic pain due to failing hip joints. She had a back operation around 40 years ago where some of her vertebra were fused. Her condition has been steadily worsening over the past 20 years to the point now where she finds it too painful to get by without anti-inflammatorys and pain killers. The question: are there any reputable faith healers in Auckland that you may know of that could help her? Many thanks, Mark.

Answer: Hi Mark, sounds like Mum is struggling a bit. It sure is a challenge to know how best to help them. My Mum is 87 and while her body is good, her mind is going off into space. Yet we need to do something.

I have been away from Auckland since 1973, so all the faith healers that I knew will have departed for greener pastures. However I would suggest that you contact the Spiritual Church - they will have some wonderful healers amid some average ones. As I write this, I feel that there is a lady in their midst who could help your Mum.

Mark why don’t you have a go yourself at helping your Mum? Try this: light a single white candle and sit Mum in a chair. Stand behind her, ask her to close her eyes and ask the angels to help her (she has an angel around her, waiting to be asked). You do the same, open your hands palms upward as you do this. Then place one hand (right hand) on her low back (at base of her spine - she may need to bend forward slightly) and place the other hand on the top of her head. Be still and quiet. Send all your love through your hands while asking the angels for assistance to relieve Mums pain. You only need to do this for a few minutes. Remember, don’t get caught in wanting to fix her, for there are a lot of Mum's issues locked up in her structure (she will attend to them when she is good and ready). For now, be focused on just easing the pain. Do this every night she is with you.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your request Mark.

Many Blessings,


 Question: I recently embarked on my spiritual journey but am finding setting time each day for meditation and reflection difficult. Procrastination, is one of my failures and I was hoping you might give me some insight into why I am this way. Namaste... Mi.

Answer: Hi Mi, there are two issues here: the first is a concentration issue, and the second is a lack of self-discipline. Welcome to the world of a normal human being! Be assured there is nothing wrong with you, so please stop looking at yourself as having a failing. When you begin a spiritual journey, you are asking the Universe to help you come to know yourself. Try not to judge yourself, for you (like all of us) are a combination of light and shadow and both are needed on the journey of self-discovery. We all have an ego and the ego doesn’t want to change. In fact, your ego is not interested in your spiritual journey; it is your soul that wants you to grow and expand. Your ego hates change and that is what causes you to be a procrastinator. It's quite normal to encounter resistance from your ego self when you begin spiritual endeavours.

The following exercises will address both issues. Find a place (if you don't have one already) to do your spiritual practice. This place must only be used for quiet activities (after you have used the space a number of times, you will notice the energy build up and soon you will want to be there). Always use this same place and try as often as possible to do it at the same time every day. To start with, go there every day and spend 7 minutes exactly in quiet (set an alarm). Take a pen and paper with you, and write down whatever comes to you. This will mostly be the noise of your chatterbox mind. Next, go outside, read what you have written and burn it. After you have done this, return to your spiritual practice place (which will eventually become a sacred place) and light one long white tapered candle. Turn the light out and stare at the candle for another 7 minutes. Then close your eyes. You will see patterns and perhaps colours. Focus on these for a few minutes. Do this and you will have successfully completed a spiritual practice. Or let's call it a prelude to spiritual practice. Well done. Do this for 10 days, email me and describe your experience. I will then help you progress to the next stage.

Remember that to try is to succeed.

Many blessings Mi,


Question: Hi Peter. I have read a lot of books on awareness and living in the moment. I move when things change in my life and I am ready to change my ways in a heart beat. I would dearly love to be a mum and realise that at 39, I better hurry up. I have just left a relationship that was stuck; we were trying for a baby but I knew that he wasn't ready for marriage. I have made plans to move back to my homeland, the UK, after being away for over four years. I will start all over again - making new friends and building my practice. I would like to know how I can attract the right person to settle down with? With much gratitude and thanks, Anna.

Answer: Hi Anna, thanks for your question. Here is what came to me: you have an unresolved issue that has its origins in your early years. This is a big part of why you are heading back to your homeland; you sense that the answer is back there. It is but you wont find it by going back - you carry it within you. You would really benefit from some regression; you need to be taken back. You have stored/trapped energy around these earlier experiences that need to be released.

A competent regressional therapist should be able to help you do this. Are you located locally? Would you be able to come and see me?

Once you clear the old issues, the relationship you want will come, along with the child. Up until now, you have drawn to yourself men who really don’t fit the bill. The old issues are around self worth - in other words, you don’t really believe that you deserve what you want.

Don’t worry, you still have window of opportunity for having a baby. But do attend to the old issues, for nothing will change until they have been moved.

Many blessings,


Question: Dear Peter. I'm middle aged, earn little money and am currently living at home with my parents (short-term). My worst fear when I was younger was that I would end up in this situation. I feel like I have always given a lot to others and have worked hard in life, I'm good at what I do, yet it has always been a struggle. I can't seem to get ahead, no matter how deserving I believe I am. And when it comes to work and helping people out, they have a tendency to screw me over. Everywhere around me people are getting great jobs, great incomes, going on holidays. It seems so easy for everyone else, yet financial abundance and all of these things appear continually out of my reach, despite how hard I try. I'm continually frustrated and starting to doubt whether things will ever improve for me. Can you shed any light on my situation? Thanks for your time. Sara.

Answer: This pattern comes from two previous lifetimes in which both of these you had strong connections with your parents.

I first saw you in what I feel is Ireland. Your parents were your younger siblings. You left the family to to follow your own path, which in those days meant that you entered a religious order. Hard times hit the land (potato famine) and your siblings starved (they died). You never forgave yourself and made a vow that if you had your time over, you wouldn't leave them. You felt you had neglected your duty by following your own path, so now in this current life, you leave and are drawn back through lack of finance. In other words, you keep yourself poor so you have to stay - quite  an accomplishment for someone with such ability.

The second life that came to me was a life in an order like the Quakers. I see you in a black bonnet with a narrow red trim, long black dress. Your current father was either the leader of the group, or your father, or both. It was a man's world; what he said was how it was. You followed the teachings and there was a vow here also: this one was that the group was the only safe place, that you had to stick together no matter what. Your sister was there also. She challenged the teachings and had a lot of disagreement with father/leader, but was still caught in the teachings. A lot of guilt stuff flowed from this one - duty to the ones in charge.

Both of these lives are what I feel bind you now: from the first one you carry an unconscious belief you deserve punishment, so you have set it up in being stuck with your parents and unable to move. For if you had a heap of money you would be gone like a shot, but then you wouldn't be able to fulfill your vow, which is stronger because there are two of them.

So what to do, I hear you ask? You need to ask to be released from your vow, for it was a thought that was relevant to the past and it was your parents (as siblings) destiny to die in that life. It had nothing to do with you and you couldn't have prevented it.

Try this prayer/affirmation:

"Universe please release me from the vows I made. For I now realise that I made the vows with a limited view of the situations. I no longer carry any guilt or remorse, I am free. I can now freely make choices that honour my own soul and I can and will find the destiny that fits for me. I bless the souls that live as my parents and I acknowledge that by releasing myself, I will also set them free."

Say this every day morning and night for 10 days out aloud.

Many blessings,



Question: Hello... I have had CFS for many years and was considering doing a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat. Can you tell me your thoughts about these kinds of meditation processes? C

Answer: This is an important question and one that needs to be considered deeply.

Firstly well done for reaching for something that may lead to answers to your problem.

Tiredness is avoidance, and in this case you carry some emotional problems which appear to originate from your early years. Through tiredness, you dampen your emotion around these early memories (and I know that you can't remember the emotion of these memories).

Meditation would be of help to you but I would advise a guided method of meditation, as opposed to the silent Vipassana process. The Vipassana meditation process is 10 days of silence and for most people who are beginners, this is too intense. I would suggest that with your condition you would most likely go further into avoidance, ie. you would probably go to sleep and waste the time. The other possibility through Vipassana would be that the old emotion would erupt and be really overwhelming.

In order to heal, you must clear the old emotional baggage you carry and you will need some help from a competent therapist to process this. You might ask why? The answer is that you are too close to you to find your way through this old emotion. If you have the desire to change, you will find the way that works for you. Good luck.

Many Blessings,


 Question: Hi Peter, would appreciate any advice you can give me about a string of explosive conflicts I've been experiencing with people I know. They've gone from happening once every few years to happening with a bit more frequency over the past few years. They aren't constant blow ups but they are never with the same person and are always out of the blue. Nothing major ever happens to warrant them but I always receive intense anger from the other person and it really impacts me. They may seem easy to get over to others, but I'm quite sensitive and I get overwhelmed with anxiety, anger, sadness for a long time afterwards. I've only just recognised this pattern emerging and I'm even more frustrated it keeps persisting, no matter how hard I try to handle them in a better way each time. Any help you can give me? Thank you. Coastal.

Answer: Thanks for the question. Firstly, you must remind yourself that the universe is your mirror - everything that occurs in your day is a reflection back to you what you have inside of yourself. The emotion that you carry vibrates and it draws the same vibration towards it/you. So if you are running into anger coming at you fast and furious from all directions, the universe is screaming at you, trying to say stop blaming the other guy and go within.

Ask to be shown every memory of anger that you have ever encountered. As the memories come to you (and they will), write letters to those who you feel anger toward. Write them, read them and then burn them. This will begin to release the stored energy behind the memories (something you didn't fully do when the event first occurred). Now you are paying attention, you have stopped being the victim; you are owning your emotion. As you write and release old embedded angers, you will find that your reaction when you encounter angry people will begin to diminish and as you stop reacting, the intensity of their emotion will begin to diminish. You may need to write these letters a number of times. Each time, your stored anger will lessen and things around you will begin to change. You will notice happy people/situations, not the angry ones.

The situations you encounter cause anger because you carry it within, the anxiety because anger rocks you and the sadness because you are disappointed in yourself for being caught - once again - in what you know is a pointless emotion that consumes energy and isn't living as you want to.



Question: Hello Peter. I'm aware of  signs that happen in life but struggle with how to decipher what they  actually mean. Do you have any advice on how to interpret signs? And how  do you know when it's right to keep pushing through the signs or take  heed to them and pull out of a situation? E.

Answer: First, we must ask to be  shown signs. For instance, if you have a decision to make and don't  know which option to take, it is a good idea to ask to be given a sign. Then you must pay attention,  for even though a sign may hit you on the head, it may not be obvious  to you. Remember the story of the fellow who sat on his roof surrounded  by flood waters, asking that God save him, while ignoring all the offers  of help from people coming by in boats as he waited for God to do it?

A sign may be so subtle that you miss it or simply ignore it. I find most western people over-think signs, whereas tribal people get them because they don't over-think things. Quieten your mind and you will get the signs.  Then trust and follow. So many don't follow the signs when they receive  them; this only raises further questions about whether you really  believe you deserve help and if you are able to put your ego aside. The  ego often feels that it should be able to work out the answer through logic and reason, and panics when presented with a true sign trying to connect with your soul.

In summary:

1. Ask to be shown a sign.

2. Quieten your mind

3. Pay attention - it may be subtle or simple.

4. Don't over-think it.

5. Trust.

6. Follow.

Blessings, Peter.

Question: Hello Peter, I am at this moment working my way through a book called "Opening to Channel - How To Connect To Your Guide", written in 1987. I was asking the question, "is this the right method for me?" and then, just now I read that one woman said she had 12 guides that she referred to as The Council Of 12. Is this the same Council Of 12 that you are guided by? I have not begun to channel yet as I am feeling physically depleted, but when I do, am I able to receive direct guidance from the Council of 12 if I ask for them? Interestingly, I popped on here to look for an indication and you have presented me with an opportunity to ask my question. Thanks for your time Peter, God Bless. x B.

Answer: Hi B and good question. I offer you my thoughts on channeling in relation to your question.

The Council of 12 have told us that there are only two people on the planet that they talk to directly: one is Peter D, who works with me in our workshop process and the other is Selacia, a lady in the US. Based on this communication from the Council Of 12, I would suggest that the person you know who speaks of 12 guides being the same Council Of 12 of which we speak has her wires crossed, although she may well sincerely believe what she says. You can ask the Council of 12 for direction/guidance and they will give it, but not as a direct "channeled" communication. Be careful of wanting to open yourself to be a "channel"; if you are not centred or your energy is down, you can end up drawing who knows what to yourself (have a look at my recent post on the news page on Entities From Beyond: Friend Or Foe). Remember, you have your own guide or guides to connect with. My advice is to get that down pat first before you look at direct channeling. Channeling can end up as a big ego side-track, which is somewhat counter-productive to your whole mission of coming to know yourself.

Hope this helps.

Blessings, Peter.