2017 In Review - How Did You Fare?


We’ve now come to the end of another cycle… 2017 ends, and 2018 begins. This is a perfect time to have a look at where we have been, how we have done in the past year and where we wish to go in the New Year.

2017 was a number one year, a year of beginnings, new projects, new thought, new ideas. It was also a solitary year where at times you may have felt alone, unsupported, unheard. But also a year that you will have had the opportunity to built a strength, a resilience. Your need to survive and carry on will have had the opportunity to be strengthened.

As we know all this doesn’t just happen; all the vibration of the year does is present you with the chance to develop certain aspects of yourself. How well did you do? This is the perfect time to review.

As we move into 2018, a new and different energy will be presented to us. This will be a number two year: a year of support, a year of connection, a perfect time for those of you who seek a new partner, one that supports and nurtures. A time of support for you with new ventures. Whereas in 2017 you may have felt unsupported or unheard, 2018 gives you a better chance of being noticed and supported. 

This support is also available from within, from the wonderful inner beings that are there to guide and support us. Remember - when you need help and support, guidance and direction, you must ask for the help you require and believe you deserve it and it will come.

So my advice is to use this time, at the end of the cycle, as a time of pondering the journey. Remember when you take a journey, you need an idea of where you are going, you need a map, or at least a blueprint. In fact a blueprint is much better than a fully defined map for a blueprint can be more easily modified and reshaped as we encounter the varying influences along the way.

Life on this earth is unpredictable and uncertain. This is the nature of things and this is what gifts us with opportunities for rapid growth and development. This is because we live with emotion and emotion - at times - overrules logic and reason. Our task is to use both emotion and reason together. Too much emotion and we are out of control; too much logic and we move forward in restricted way. Life loses spontaneity when logic rules all the time.

We need to seek intuitively guided reason to have the best chance of moving forward in a constructive and expressive manner. Emotion drives us forward so we need to understand ourselves and learn ways of looking deeply within. This gives us the opportunity to understand our beliefs, our programming. It gives us the chance to see what we carry, that no longer serves us and it gives us the knowledge that we are the Masters of our destiny. We hold the key and the ability to change what no longer serves us.

You may find it helpful to sit with your pen and paper (or your keyboard) and write out your blueprint, look at your goals for the onward journey, both outwardly but more importantly inwardly. Remember at the end of your earthly journey, what you have become inwardly will define you, not what you have achieved outwardly, not the empires you may have built - they will only have been of value if they have helped you become a more understanding and wiser being.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported my work during 2017 and for those of you who have completed the Soul and Ego Workshop series I would like to thank you on behalf of the Council of 12 for embracing the teachings of the Wise Ones.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Many blessings,