Action Vs Reaction: Acting With A Pure Heart


An important question was asked at a recent workshop: “There is so much injustice in the world. I feel I should do something to help alleviate it, yet I have learned that I should not interfere. How should I address this?”

My response to this is as follows…

First, realise that people do chose the situations that they find themselves in and that this is where their opportunities are to learn. And yes, the cosmic law is that we must not interfere. However, this doesn’t mean we should sit on our hands and do nothing if we feel compelled to assist in some way.

If you chose to do something to assist with the energy of these situations, only do it if you act with a pure heart. This is the only way the situation will benefit from your energy.

If you do it out of reaction - that is, if you are acting out of anger or rage about the situation - you will only be bringing your own personal anger to an already dysfunctional situation and this doesn’t help. What is happening here is the situation is merely triggering an anger that is already inside you; it was there long before you became aware of the unjust situation that now confronts you. The world mirrors you, therefore, what REALLY annoys or bothers you reflects something unresolved from your past that you have been dragging along for some time.

Importantly, don’t let what is happening in the world distract you from dealing with your own baggage. The situation you perceive as unjust is simply serving as a sign for you to do your own house clearing: try sorting through your old toxic energy and then reassess the situation from a more neutral position.

If you then still feel compelled to do something, then act with a pure heart. Visualise a better outcome for all concerned - for yourself and for all mankind. Believe that people will change and awakening will occur. For example if you feel drawn to assist in saving the whales in the South Pacific, you may decide to join the Sea Shepherd and sail in pursuit of the Japanese whalers or give those who do this a donation of funds. Or you may meditate and visualise a great shift in consciousness and see the whales forever swimming free. Or you may do all of the above.

Whatever you do, it ONLY has value if it is done with a pure heart: as an action of love, as opposed to a reaction of anger. Pure heart action creates deep loving energy and begins to change the consciousness of those connected with the unjust situations on the planet.

Change begins with one small step; one small step can lead to a revolution of change. And a silent movement will gather momentum - this is what I call the True World Order. This order is made up of individuals like you: people who care about themselves, care about others and care about the planet. These people realise that the only way to bring permanent change to the earth is by beginning with what they have - the power to change THEMSELVES.

Your pure heart and deep intent is what has begun the seed of change that will evolve into a tidal wave of change. However, only when we take the reaction out of our actions and act with a pure heart will True World Order come to be.