Advice From The Council Of 12

"Sometimes one can learn a lot by sitting in one place, rather than disliking where you find yourself and wanting to move to another place. For the same thing will happen, the same information will be there; you will only find yourself wanting to move to another place.

We would urge you to look at the signs, look at the symbols, look at the events around you, and say, “How must I learn from this? How does this serve me? What must I see?” And then ask for help. “Please help me understand what I have in front of me.” You will find yourself not journeying too far, not journeying from place to place. You will find yourself caught in the wisdom of all things. And you will find that if you live with this truth, the truth will set you free.

To thine own self be true.

Many of you live your lives believing that others should agree with what you are doing, and if they do not consent with your actions, that your actions are therefore wrong. This is not the way things are meant to be. Have faith in yourself, have confidence that the Universe and that we, The 12, and your guides will not lead you to a path you do not wish to be on. Have faith in us, have faith in yourself, spend time to quiet your mind so that we may communicate with you, and you may communicate with us. That is all we ask. You will find your purpose, you will begin your journey, and all things will be blessed."

Bless you all.