Always Remember To Thine Own Self Be True


Gary attended my office today for assistance with a serious health condition, a condition that could, if it runs its course, take Gary out of this world.

I asked Gary how he began his day.

“When I wake I have some affirmations. I say I am light, I am health, I am happy, all is well in my world,” Gary told me.

“So you wake into survival mode?” I replied.

“What do you mean,” Gary said.

“Gary, if you were entirely truthful, how do you feel when you wake?” I asked.

Gary was quiet for a few moments. I watched as the tears began to well up behind his eyes.

“The truth is I awake in pain. I feel frightened and I am overwhelmed with sadness. I use the affirmations to rise above these feelings, that’s the only way I can get through the day,” Gary explained.

“Have you ever let those tears come out Gary?” I asked.

“If I did I would fall into a deep pit of depression. I would become lost, I would not survive,” Gary replied.

“Gary, you cannot find your way to the place you wish to be by beginning your day with a lie. You can only change things from a platform of truth. Truth really does set you free!” I explained.

“It’s your locked in emotions that are causing your illness Gary, and unless you release them, your illness will always be your master.”

I went on to explain to Gary the difference between the way the western man/woman deals with their emotions, as opposed to those in eastern countries.

‘When someone dies in an Asian country, the loved ones who have been left behind fully express their emotions. They outwardly grieve, whereas most people from western countries hold their emotion inside and try to put up a brave face. This is your problem Gary; you are frightened of your emotion. You believe if you let go your emotion will overwhelm you and destroy you, where in actual fact by holding your embedded emotion within you are slowly being destroyed by those emotions,” I said.

Sadly this is why there is so much sickness in our culture. This is why our hospitals are choked up with patients. We, as a people, don’t know how to deal with our emotions in an effective manner. Emotion has to be understood and released in a safe and healthy way. Once we learn to do this, then we will find the toxic energy that our suppressed emotion generates is released from our bodies and healing can begin.

I haven’t heard from Gary yet but I do hope he has been able to let go and begin to heal.

Be who you are. Be where you are. Stop pretending to be OK if you are not. Get some help guidance and support. Be brave and face what you carry within.

Once you begin, the journey is not as difficult as you think it will be.