Angels: Fact Or Fantasy? A True Story Of Healing


A beautiful true story about the power of your Angels...

Some time ago, 11-year-old April attended my office. Her mother had brought her to see me in the hope that I could help; April had recently been diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

April loved to sing and act, and already had some notable parts in stage shows and plays. In recent times, she had experienced difficulty in breathing and had not been able to reach her usual range of notes. This prompted the visit to the doctor and the subsequent diagnosis.

Her mother was extremely concerned. The prognosis was not encouraging.

April had been to see me on a number of occasions over the years and was at ease with me. This particular time she visited, I asked her to lie on the treatment table and close her eyes.

"Do you believe in angels?" I asked.

"Of course," she replied without hesitation.

"Can you ask your angel to come and help you?".

She was quiet for a few minutes.

"A beautiful lady is here," she said with a sense of awe.

"Ask if she can help you with your heart sickness," I said.

She went quiet again.

"She is so beautiful and all this light is coming from her," April said excitedly.

"She wants me to stand beside her. I am looking down. I can see inside my chest there is a big black blob in the middle. She says this is the sickness."

"Ask her if she can remove the sickness," I said.

"She says we will both heal me," she said and again lapsed into silence.

I waited quietly.

After what seemed to be a very long time, April opened her eyes.

"It's all pink now, my chest is all pink," she said. "The beautiful lady has gone now. She said I must believe in myself."

Beaming, she hopped off the table and bounced out of the room.

Two days later, April and her mum went to the doctor and had further tests.

The tests showed nothing other than a healthy heart.

Angels: fact or fantasy? You decide.