Are You A Control Freak?


People only become control freaks in order to attempt to make them selves safe. This means, that somewhere back in their history, they have been controlled either by a situation or by someone.

Can you relate to either the controller or the controlled?

Think back through your history - especially your childhood and those years where your power may have been restricted by the adults around you.  Try to place yourself back in a memory particularly a difficult situation.

How did you feel? Disempowered?

Then you were being controlled. And as way of stopping yourself from feeling that way again, you will have likely slipped into the control mode without even being aware of it.

Obviously neither being controlled nor being a controller is a balanced harmonious way to live. One is living under someone else’s will; the other is imposing your will upon others.

Becoming aware or where you are with control will enable you to learn to take charge of your life and your journey.

If you had some really heavy duty issues around control, you may find some regression therapy would be of assistance to clear and release the toxic energy that keeps you in the control game.