Are You Wired For Abundance Or Lack Of Abundance?

Our belief system is wired for either abundance or lack of abundance or something in between. Most people are programmed for lack - these individuals struggle and never quite find the abundance in life that they seek. As a result of their conditioning, their central unconscious belief is that they don’t deserve. These beliefs create their reality.

I recall reading the story of a fellow who “died” while on the phone during an electrical storm. He was carted off to hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. They wheeled the poor fellow into the corridor placed a sheet over his body and left him to be taken to the morgue.

However, he wasn’t dead - but his body was paralysed and he couldn’t move, so he floated around the ceiling, wondering what he should do. He knew once he was in the freezer, it was all over.

As he watched two young fellows coming to get him, he summoned up his focus, got back in his body and blew on the sheet over his face. The two young guys freaked out, rushed him into the theatre and he was revived.

While he was having his out of body experience, he had found himself in what described as a beautiful crystal city. As he walked along the road admiring the perfection of this celestial place, he noted these magnificent rays of violet light. His guide explained that these were the prayers of people on the earth. They had reached the highest place in the universe and only remained in a suspended place because the individuals who had asked for help didn’t believe that they deserved the help, so it never actually reached them.

The conditioning we carry has developed over time from the programs, people and situations we have been exposed to. These come from parents, forefathers, society, culture, schoolteachers, peers, siblings and past lifetimes; in fact everything that we have been exposed to in our history.

These imprints, which evolve into our personal beliefs, condition us and build our internal programs; our wiring for thought is born from these controls and creates our reality.

Many of us have come from parents and forefathers who struggled to survive to make ends meet. This means that for many of us, we too have ended up believing (either consciously or unconsciously) that this was all we deserved - our belief systems have been reinforced with LACK of abundance. Even if you have decided and think that you won’t mimic your predecessors history, you will still be controlled by it until you set about truly changing things.

The good news is that you can change anything you want to. If you are wired for lack, have decided it no longer serves you and want abundance, you must find a way of changing or ditching this wiring. You must reprogram your internal belief system. Go into it and have a deep look at your beliefs. Be honest with where you are. Set about changing your beliefs and your reality will change. You will likely find that an abundant belief system will serve you in a much better way.


Many blessings,