Belief Systems, Victims And Students Of Life


In a quiet moment, in the silence, I ask:

“Why am I here?”

After a few moments the voice replies.

“There are three categories of beings that come to the earth.

“The first group are the great masters. These are few, most are never seen, and they quietly go about their work. You may walk past them and not know them. They are most necessary for your earth - they bring the wisdom of the ancients that uplifts mankind.”

“Then there are the second group, those who incarnate in order to have a rest. These souls have had challenging recent past life experiences and need time to allow their energy fields to regenerate.”

“The third group comprises the bulk of humanity who has come to learn and to grow spiritually.”

“Well I am not so egotistical as to think I am one of the great masters, and this life has never been a rest. So I must be one of the third group,” I reply.

“Yes, you are one of many,” the voice continues. “Your difficulty arises from the way you perceive your life. If you believe life to be a struggle, then it is a struggle. This is because you carry, outdated beliefs systems.”

“How can I change this?” I ask.

“By stopping playing the victim and by realising that living life is like attending school. Your classroom is the life you have chosen. In this classroom you have around you all those who love you, these are your teachers, especially the ones that you find to be the most difficult. These are your greatest teachers.”

The voice continued.

“Become a student of life. As a student, you will begin to learn and grow. You need to understand that your life is a creation of what you project. If you believe that life is hard and unfair, that vibration will draw more of the same to you. To change your life, you need to take a look at your belief systems and let go of what no longer serves you.”

“Can you explain belief systems?” I ask.

“A belief system is built from experiences and teachings gained from earlier times. This includes your current life and the many that have gone before this one. For instance, if one has had a past life in a certain role - let’s say a monk - then all the beliefs that that monk was exposed to, shape and mould that person.”

“The same applies to a current life; if you have been exposed to strong-minded individuals, you will have taken on strong beliefs. While there may be some value in such beliefs, there will also be great limitations. This will cause you to have an inflexibility and be resistant to ideas outside of these belief systems,” the voice explained.

Then all was silent. After a few moments, the voice continued.

“Take the time to ponder these matters. Become the student of life and come to know who you really are.”