One Of The Best Healing Meditations

Below is an excerpt from a wonderful healing meditation given to the group on the last workshop by The Council Of 12. It is one of the best I've ever seen/heard.

It is important to identify an affliction which affects you:

“See before you a stone alter, made from a perfect pink stone. You walk toward it and kneel and you place your elbows on the alter as if praying to God.

You say:

May the Universe help me understand my affliction. May I learn my lesson so that I may heal myself for the good of all mankind, for the good of my soul group and for my own good of which I am ultimately the most deserving?

I am worthy of help, I am worthy of health, I am worthy of healing and I am worthy of love.

I give my love to my Angel, to my Guide, to my soul group and to the divine ones who guide me and keep me safe. And may I be kept steadfast in my faith for I am free, truly free of all the pain I have suffered.

I am forgiven and I forgive. May this affliction leave me and in doing so may I inspire others to join the journey of truth, of justice, and of enlightenment for the benefit of all on the planet.

May I truly give all that I can give without bringing harm to myself, without condition, without favour, without expectation, without judgment and may I receive the same, for I am worthy of all things.

May the blessing of the Universe shower over me and my friends, my soul group, my family and all I have yet to meet. I offer this blessing to the Universe without condition or favour for the good of all. And in return, I expect I shall learn my lesson so that good health be my companion and wisdom and understanding will free me from the prison that I have built around me.”