Beyond Mindfulness: 10 Transformative Benefits Of Regular Meditation Practice


In this modern world, people often use meditation to calm their minds and help them live with a greater peace of mind. And while these are wonderful reasons to meditate, the real aim of meditation is to connect with our true self.

As a result of living life and the programs we get exposed to, we all develop what could be called a 'shadow self'. This ‘self' is built from all the experiences we have had, this self becomes our identity. It is this self that we believe we are.

This means that we end up being who we think we are, not who we truly are. In other words, the process of being born and living through our journey of life takes us away from our 'true self'.

All the evidence (I have gained through conducting regression therapy over many years) strongly shows that, prior to birth, we exist in a realm of harmony and light. We live with of an awareness of who we really are. We are our true selves.

In order to come into this three dimensional existence, we must leave this place of harmony and light in order to be born here on this earth through the process of birth. Once here in our earthly bodies, we find ourselves separated, isolated from our true self. Our shadow self begins to develop. This is how it should be. Yet without our inner connection, we struggle for peace and harmony.

The discipline and practice of some form of meditation is important if we wish to find our way back to this inner connection. 

Activities such as music, the arts, dance or even surfing - in fact any activity that requires us to focus - will draw us into a meditative state. Such activities do help to quieten our monkey minds. However if we wish to find our inner connection, the practice of a meditative process that takes us deeply within is necessary. This will - with discipline, practice, and perseverance - help us to achieve that oneness of true connection.

With practice, it is possible to live on this planet and live connected to our true nature. With regular meditation and some proper guidance, we can live in a greater harmony and understanding of ourselves and life.

Meditation helps you enter an inner space. As you deepen in this process, your brain wave patterns change and deeper states of being can be realised. The brain waves slow, the waves become quieter and more harmonious, we feel a greater peace. 

Here are 10 key spiritual, mental and physical benefits and changes you will start to experience and notice as your regular meditation practice, and therefore the connection with your true self, deepens. 

Note: everyone will experience these shifts in their own way and at different times.

10 Transformative Benefits And Changes Experienced With A Regular Meditation Practice

1. There is current that flows through all things. When you practice meditation regularly, you will begin to feel this. Bit by bit, it will enter into your being. This energy is like an electrical current that flows through us. It may, at first, just be in your hands or feet or a particular region in your body. It may shift about. It may come and go in intensity. It may be accompanied by heat, or although to a lesser degree, cold. If you have areas of you body that hold blocked energies, the current may be focussed in these places; this will be in an effort to release these congested areas.

2. Once you begin to regularly practice the art of mediation, profound healing changes can and will begin to happen within your being.

3. Intuitive thought will be come more pronounced.

4. Your sensitivity will deepen.

5. In addition to the energetic current, there is also a sound that pervades all things (which I have written about previously). This too will find its way into you. This sound is most pronounced in the silence or deep in nature, although you can hear it everywhere and anywhere. When all outer sound falls away, the inner sound fills the space. It is akin to a fine humming sound. It is the sound that the Universe makes as it moves (everything moves, everything changes nothing stays the same - this is the nature of life).

6. You will develop an awareness of ‘self’. You discover that we all have two selves: the observer/watcher self, which aligns with our true/soul self, and the shadow self, which aligns with our ego self. The true self simply observes, acts and is free; the shadow self reacts and becomes trapped in emotion.

7. Your ability to connect with and understand our self and others deepens. A greater respect and appreciation of nature develops.

8. You become grounded and feel supported not only by the planet, but by the entire Universe. 

9. You begin to enter the silence and discover that deep within the silence, lies a stillness that is beyond our earthly understanding. And from within this stillness comes the voice of our soul.

10. As a result of this connection, a new knowledge and wisdom arises within you. It leads you to the true self; to come to know who you truly are.

These are the key benefits and changes beyond mindfulness and relaxation that you will achieve and experience as your regular meditation practice deepens. All of it takes discipline, practice, patience and a deep desire to go within and come to know who we truly are.

Enjoy your meditation journey.