Book Now For The New Soul & Ego Workshop Series, Starting June 2014

Peter Hoddle Council Of 12 Meditation Workshops

For those of you seeking to have a better understanding of your life and connect with the ‘real’ you, or for those of you simply looking for clearer direction, I am pleased to announce the next series of The Soul and The Ego workshops will commence in June 2014.

The Soul and The Ego workshop series first began in February 2011. Since then, we have had five series of workshops and more than 50 people have completed these metaphysical journeys.

These workshops were formulated by The Council of 12. The 12 are awakened beings existing in worlds beyond this physical world; their purpose is to guide mankind. Read more about The Council Of 12 and learn about our work together over the past 20 years.

The 12 have given us the framework for a series of five sequential weekend workshops, each eight weeks apart. They designed these workshops as a journey to assist us with our lessons in life, starting at workshop one and concluding at five, with each holding important & different keys to life in this three dimensional world.

The 12 have stated that the common problem for all who live in this world is a lack of self-value and have said that our purpose in being here is to come to understand our selves. These workshops assist you to do just that, by presenting keys to unlocking the patterns, experiences and complexities that we each carry within.

Contained within the five workshops is everything you need for your journey to self. These workshops are delivered over a period of 10 months, an accelerated learning period; the same amount of learning would take many years of study and inner enquiry without this framework, and for many even a lifetime.

We feel blessed to be able to present these teachings to those who feel drawn to come and partake. The Council of 12 tell us that they invite those who are ready to attend, so if you feel an inner urging as you read these words come, it will be the 12 nudging you.

These workshops really do change peoples lives – feel free to read past participants testimonials - and are an opportunity for real change for those of you who feel drawn to them. If the urge is inside you, COME.

For bookings or further enquires, phone 07) 5485 0955 or email via the contact page.

Below is a brief summary of The Soul And The Ego workshops and the dates for the five workshops series in 2014/2015.

Workshop One: The Inner Self
June 14/15 2014

We discuss the relationship between the body, mind and soul, and show why the ego is important. We talk about charkas, reincarnation and soul groups. We present the universal laws to live your life by. We show you how to protect yourself and discuss your spiritual journey. You will be helped to understand the barriers to spiritual connection and how to make that connection. You will learn about how we all create barriers to inner connection and the purpose of emotions. We will teach you how to ask for help and help you set goals for your development.

Workshop Two: Soul Development
August 9/10 2014

We help you connect to the invisible helpers: your Angels, Guides and Guardians. You will be introduced to The Council of 12. You will be shown how your perception governs your reality, and helped to acknowledge the signposts that appear in your life. The importance of faith and trust will be shown and you will have the opportunity to ask your question of the Council of 12. Your will be given a meditation to connect you to your eternal soul.

Workshop Three: Development Of Your Psychic Self
October 12/13 2014

This workshop shows the importance of listening (something most don’t). Your emotional baggage will be exposed and how we suppress these emotions will be shown. You will learn our secrets cause guilt and fear. The inner you is discussed and the importance of nutrition and balance in our lives is explained.

Workshop Four: Manifesting Your Life
December 13/14 2014

We talk about the origins of thought, worthiness and the patterns that we live by. Victims, martyrs and ‘students of life’ are discussed and you will be shown an exercise to help you find freedom from your old patterns. You will see how you are the one that manifests poor health and you will be given a meditation to help heal. You will be shown the rules of manifesting and be helped to understand gratitude and unconditional love.

Workshop Five: Past Lives
February 14/15 2015

In this workshop you will be shown the purpose of past life experiences and how these may help or hinder your progress. It will be explained why this workshop is the last in the series. Sin and guilt will be discussed and the importance of discipline shown. There will be a group past life regression and you will have an opportunity to recall a relevant past life.

You can also read further details on the workshops page.

I look forward to meeting those of you I haven’t yet met and reconnecting with those that I know.

Many blessings,