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In the days of King Arthur, Avalon was physical place, where the High Priestesses resided. Because of the Priestesses great devotion and prayer, the land of Avalon vibrated with a stillness and wisdom which was beyond understanding and all who went there were uplifted and helped to see their lives with a great inner clarity.

Long ago, the physical land of Avalon ceased to exist on the earth. However, because of the power that was generated by the wise women who resided there, Avalon now exists on the etheric plane and as such it is possible to access it.

This is what happened to me: two years ago during a meditation, I was led to Avalon.

I found myself walking along a path. Some distance ahead, I could see the back of someone sitting meditating. As I got closer, I could sense the stillness emanating from the seated figure. I stopped, unwilling to disturb the meditator’s peace. He turned, smiled and invited me to join him. We sat looked out into what looked like a lake covered in fog.

“That's what your mind is like, full of fog,” the monk said after a few moments.

“Would you like to see more clearly?” the wise one continued.

“Yes, I most certainly would,” I replied.

“Focus on the fog on the lake. Ask it to lift,” he said. ”I will help you.”

We both sat asking the fog to lift. Within a few moments, it began to do just that and within a few minutes it became mist. A short time later, it was completely gone, revealing a small island in the middle of the lake, the morning sun shining upon it.

“Come,” he said, leading me down to the edge of the lake. There awaiting us was a long boat complete with a boatman waiting to pole us across to the island.

“We are going to Avalon,” my monk informed me. We were poled silently across this lake of incredible stillness.  After a short time, I felt a gentle bump as we touched the island.

We were greeted by a silent smiling priestess, who led us up a winding path to the top of a steep hill. At the top, there was an ancient round building. An open door beckoned, a novice waiting, waving for us to enter.

Once inside, we were greeted by a group of wise beings (males and females). They welcomed ussilently, indicating for us to join them.

“We hear that you wish to see more clearly,” they asked (speaking with a collective voice).

“Yes I do,” I replied.

They pointed out a window, down into the lake. 

“Focus on that little island,” they asked, pointing at an island no bigger than three meters across.

I focused as requested. The island quickly became a window, my life came into focus. I saw through different eyes and my life from an entirely different perspective.

After what may have been a few minutes or perhaps much longer, I returned to the room.

“Now you can see more clearly,” the wise ones informed me. 

As we were leaving the wise ones said,  “We would like you to present The Road to Avalon as a workshop. Could you do that for us?” the collective voice asked.

“I would be honoured,” I replied.

Late in 2016 I visited Glastonbury in England and when I saw the Tor (the hill beyond the town), I knew that this was the place of my meditative vision. It was no longer an island surrounded by water. The lake had long since been drained leaving green pasture, but the feeling was as it was in my meditations. I knew that this had been Avalon, the mystical land now needing to be accessed through a meditative journey.

If you feel drawn to this mystical land, join us for The Road to Avalon weekend workshop on May 13/14 2017 - we will take you there. Held in our workshop space in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, this is a women-only workshop, and the cost is $440 inc GST and lunch both days. This workshop is filling fast. For bookings,  phone 07) 5485 0955, or read further details on The Road To Avalon meditation workshop.