Connecting With The Missing Piece Of Your Soul

If you look back through your memory, you will often find something is missing from your life. In fact, if you are honest with yourself, you will have to admit there has always been a missing piece.

It begins early in life. Often around seven years old, the door between you and your higher-self closes; you are alone and separate. It is at this point that you begin to unconsciously seek out the missing piece.

As a child, you seek fun, friends/family, sport, adventure, books, study to name a few of the activities that you use to fill up the empty space. As the years go on you find different things to fill the space. The teenager seeks fun and excitement, they may challenge the rules of the day, seek connection in love and experimentation in sex. They may seek to excel in sport, in study or in adventure and of course these days, many lose themselves in the electronic world of distraction.

All these activities are used to fill the space left by the missing piece. While involvement in the above is often important and a necessary part of growing and learning, the fact remains that they are filling the space left by that missing piece.

The adult may seek money, power, possessions or the perfect partner and family. And while all this may be wonderful, there is still something missing. Around 40 years old, some people hit what is called the midlife crisis, when they suddenly realise that despite all they have achieved, something is STILL missing.

When you look deeply into all of this, you realise that there have been moments when you have held the missing piece. A moment of deep connection with a lover or a child or a loved pet. Trips into some spectacular scenery or a visit to a sacred cathedral or temple; all such experiences have the capacity to link you to the missing piece.

Meditation can create a pathway to the missing piece. You touch it, you want to hold it and stay with it, however the moment passes and something is once again missing.

At some point in your life something may happen; your world may be shattered with loss of a love, the death of a cherished one, a sickness that challenges your mortality. If you look at such happenings in the right way you will find yourself looking within and if you pursue this, you may touch something so profound that you merge with the missing piece, realising the piece you have always looked for is not outside but within YOU.

You then stop expecting it to come from another; you know it can only come from within.

When I was in my early ‘20s, I met a wise man who “initiated” me into a special meditative process that took me out of my human consciousness. I merged with a brilliant white light and for the first time nothing was missing - I was the missing piece. I wanted to stay exactly where I was, I had everything, at that point I was complete.

So how do we go about finding the missing piece?

1.    Acknowledge to yourself that something is missing.
2.    Know that the missing piece is within YOU
3.    Set your intent to reconnect to the missing piece.
4.    Meditate - this is your greatest aid


Try this affirmation - it may help:

Spirit I wish to change.

My intent is to reconnect to my true state of being.

I humbly ask that I awaken to that which I know I am.

I honour this new consciousness with love and gratitude.

I receive this NOW.


Many Blessings,