The Council Of 12 On Euthanasia & Life Ending

I recently received a question from Trish on Facebook about what The Council Of 12’s thoughts are on euthanasia. It was such a great question and part of a larger subject I’ve found myself discussing of late, so wanted to share with you some thoughts, as it is important to understand this sensitive issue.

The Council of 12 view euthanasia in the same manner as they view suicide - they say euthanasia or suicide breaks the contract that you made before you came into this life.

In other words, people who willingly end their life break a cosmic law.

Before we are born, we gather with those Souls that are part of the group that we are in and work out how we can help each other and what lessons we will have to learn. Have you noticed how the most difficult people in your life teach you the greatest lessons? And how the most challenging times also hold the most valuable lessons? We have all heard the saying “What doesn’t break you, makes you”.

When the going gets tough and people feel they can’t take anymore, they may commit suicide or end their life before it would naturally end; they break the agreement they have made with their Soul group.

If they do take this path and end their journey prematurely, then they find themselves with some contract time unfinished. The Council of 12 have told us that our contract must be fulfilled; if it’s not, and you finish your life prematurely, your Soul has to return, reborn into a new body to complete the unfinished time it still had to go.

Those people will come back and live a life that will consist of the remaining years of the unfinished time of the previous life. This explains a good number of cot deaths; the individual concerned may have only had a few hours, days, weeks or months left, so they will live that long and die.

It also explains (but this is not the only reason) why many die young and are suddenly gone. Of course, those they have left have their own lessons in dealing with the grief/loss/sadness of losing a loved one.

In my experience as a hypnotherapist, I have noted that once a pattern of suicide/euthanasia begins, individuals tend to do it again in their next life. When the pressure comes on (as it will, for no-one can escape the lessons that they have chosen for themselves to learn), they tend to take a pathway that is familiar. So therefore, each following life gets shorter and shorter, until all of the contract time is complete.

A 15-year-old was sent to see me by her mother, after a suicide attempt. During her regression work, she revealed that she had taken her life at the same time in five previous lives.

When she reached around 15 years, the emotional pressure became too much, and again and again in each life she chose what became a more and more familiar pathway.

Her problem was that she was sent back immediately into the next life. This is the same for all who cut their life cycle short, whether it be suicide or euthanasia - they have to come back immediately, they have no chance to pause, as most do when they pass over, and review their life and reassess what comes next.

Since they haven’t completed their last cycle, this must be done before any assessment of future cycles can begin. The young girl who attended my office was helped to release a good deal of the stored emotion and given a broader understanding of her pattern. This hopefully would enable her to complete the cycle she had begun, and thus stop the short-cutting pattern she had become trapped in.

In summary, as hard as life may get, don’t shortcut your cycle, for you escape nothing. It’s rather like jumping from the frying pan into the fire; it only makes it worse and prolongs the progress of your Soul.

There are neither right things nor wrong things in life - we will all get where we need to. There are, however, better and healthier choices. When you get stuck, ask for some help, hang in there and you will come through the storms of life better, clearer, more understanding of yourself and others.

These principals and choices form part of the core learnings of The Soul & The Ego workshop series we conduct with The Council Of 12 and have helped the many that have attended tremendously. If you’re interested in attending the next series in 2013 (dates to be announced soon), get in touch via the contact page or sign-up to the mailing list to be notified of when registration will commence.

Many blessings,