The Truth Shall Set You Free: The Council Of 12


The following quote is from The Council of 12 to the participants of the current Soul and Ego workshop series (Development of Your Psychic Self) earlier in December. It illustrates the importance of discovering your truth and developing an appropriate way of expressing it.

“It is necessary that you conquer, in particular, the feelings of guilt and begin to live your truth without harming others, for it is easy to harm others by living your truth. You must be diplomatic; don’t become a liar but don’t conceal your truth for the benefit of others, for it will be to your own detriment. You need to develop this skill.

You need to have mastery of ‘TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE’. This is a very important part of your development and not one to be taken lightly.

Please honour yourselves by being true to yourselves.”  The Council of 12.

Janet came to see me recently.

“I feel entrapped,” she said. “I work in a job I hate and live in a relationship with no love. I am stuck paying a mortgage to a house I don’t even like.”

“I thought a past life regression might help fix this.”

“I think that the remedy might be much closer to you than you think,” I replied.

“Do you love yourself?” I asked.

“Of course I love myself,” she said. “I tell myself everyday that I love myself and am worthy of being loved.”

“Telling yourself and believing it can be two different things,” I replied. “If you truly loved yourself, there is no way that you would stick to a job you hated, nor stay in a relationship with a man you didn’t love,” I said.

Janet looked at me blankly.

In order to survive emotionally, Janet had told herself that she loved herself, when in fact she must have felt so poorly about herself for she allowed herself to stay in her situation. Janet was lying to herself.

Once Janet is able to see the truth and admit that she doesn’t love herself, a door will open to her and she will, if she chooses, find a pathway to the freedom she longs for. While she continues to deceive herself by telling herself that she loves herself, she will stay stuck. Janet first needs to find her truth before worrying about past lives, for all she will encounter in past lives is the exact same pattern that she lives in now.

The key for all of us is SELF WORTH. Go into this deeply and find the truth, for 99% of us have self worth issues. See it, admit it, then heal it and the freedom you seek will be yours. Keep denying or telling yourself you are fine will keep you entrapped.

Many blessings,