Dennis & The Angels: Reaching For The Light

When I was around seven years old, we moved to another town and I had to fit into a new school. Being a nervous child with little self-confidence, it was a huge undertaking. Dennis befriended me on my first day. He helped me settle and we became firm friends throughout our school years.

Dennis left high school a year before I did and we lost touch. Three years after I had left school, I was living in an ashram studying yoga and meditation. While mediating one night, I saw a vision of Dennis. His face was contorted in misery.

”What’s wrong Dennis?” I asked mentally. I felt myself move and found myself looking down on Dennis’ family home, which I remembered with precision still to that day. I saw Dennis moving around but everyone seemed to be ignoring him. Someone else was sleeping in his bed. I clearly saw where his distress was coming from.

The next day, I called his home (I knew his family well from our younger days) and spoke to his mother.

“Dennis died some months ago. He fell off a building that he was working,” she told me, clearly distraught.

I felt about 2cm tall at that point. I put down the phone, shocked and stunned.

I also now clearly understood my vision.

The next day, as fate would have it, I found myself sorting though a pile of books (people would often donate their unwanted books to the ashram library). In the midst of these books, I found a particular book on death and dying. There was advice in the book on what to do when someone passed away and got stuck in between this earthly life and the next one.

It was crystal clear that Dennis was stuck.

The book went on to explain that often when someone passes suddenly, they at times don’t realise they are dead and continue trying to interact with their life as it was. Of course that can no longer happen, hence the confusion and misery that Dennis showed to me.

I followed the book’s instructions exactly as suggested. I visualised Dennis and willed him to look up to the light that was above him. I did this every night and on the third night Dennis began to consider my willful urgings and appeared to me once again. He looked up above him. I witnessed two angels float down and lift Dennis up into a brilliant light. And then they were all gone.

I felt a huge sense of relief and continued on with my life, content  that he had hopefully let go and made his way on.

A couple of months later while I was meditating, Dennis appeared to me again. This time he came from a great height and his face radiant.

“I just came to say thanks,” he said.

And he was gone.

Pretty nice story don’t you think?

When someone close to you passes, say a special prayer and tell them to look above them and reach  towards the light. It will assist them to cross-over.