Discarding Your Emotional Baggage

When old memories arise, pay attention to them and explore the emotions around the memory. The emotions may not be always obvious but rest assured if the memory pops up out of the blue it has some significance and there will be an emotion that you should take note of and release to lighten your emotional baggage.

This morning as I was walking with Indi, our Siberian husky, in the early pre-dawn (the best time to be out there), a thought drifted into my consciousness. I found myself thinking of a nasty letter that I received some 25 years ago.

At the time, I had dismissed it and promptly threw it in the bin, not giving it another thought (or so I thought).

But here was the letter coming up again, with a good deal of anger around it.

The letter had come from a medical doctor, to whom I had sent a patient of mine and suggested to get a referral back to me, to enable the woman to claim through her insurance the treatment I was giving her.

I had asked that she ask him if he thought such a referral would be appropriate. From the angry letter I got from him, I could only assume that she had said “Peter Hoddle said you should write me a referral” - something you don’t say to a medical doctor with a massive ego (this is also an example of how what was initially said can be repeated in an entirely different way to what was first expressed).

The first thing I did when I came home after our walk this morning was to sit and write the doctor a letter. As I began to write I even remembered his name, despite not having given him a single thought for all these years.

In the letter, I unleashed the fullness of the emotion that I had denied myself feeling 25 years ago. Once written, I read it out loud three times and walked to the fire and ceremoniously burnt it.

Now it is GONE.

My lesson: EXPRESS MY TRUTH in an appropriate manner at the time the event occurs.