How To Discover The Energy Power Points & Sacred Places Around You


Energetic power points are sacred places that can be found all over this planet, and are extremely significant both for the balance and harmony of the earth and the individual. It is at these points that power flows into this third dimension from higher dimensions; it is this energy that allows our three-dimensional world to be sustained.

When the true seeker finds his or her way to such a place, whether it be a well-known temple, cathedral or an energy centre in their own backyard, a quietness descends followed by understanding and wisdom.

Sacred places are where vortexes of energy form to create points of power on the earth. If you stand or sit in these places, you will (if you have sensitivity) feel the power of the sacred energy. Here dimensions intersect and the third dimension that we dwell in on this planet is aligned to the ones above (there are many dimensions in the Universe).

At the power point, a portal has formed - an opening if you will – and through this flows the sacred energy, making this the perfect place to meditate, to pray, to go within. Here you will feel a beautiful energy.

These points of power have the potential to uplift and inspire those who enter them. This allows intuitive thought to be more accessible, and with this comes the wisdom and understanding that we all seek.

There are many obvious examples of these places: the pyramids of Egypt, cathedrals like Notre Dame. Indeed many of the world’s temples and sacred places are built on these grids of energy, but there are many more undiscovered power points. You may have a sacred place much closer than you think - maybe even in your own backyard. It may not be as powerful as the great pyramid of Giza or a temple, but it could have the potential to be.

Known sacred places such as the ones mentioned have had their energy enhanced by many hundreds of years of ritual and prayer. This has built the energy up from what it initially was, hundreds of years of song and prayer in cathedrals builds on the existing energy flowing in through the portal. My wife and I sat for hours inside Notre Dame in Paris, simply because of the wonderful silence. When people gather on a power point and devote their time to inner pursuits, the energy broadens and deepens.

In our ancient past, it was the wise men and women who knew where these places were and their counsel was sought after when civilisations built temples and churches (or in the case of the pyramids in Egypt, places of initiation).

These days, you can find them yourself - one or more undiscovered vortexes of energy may be close by. Have a look around investigate your property.

Here are some tips to help you discover power points around you:

1. Which room in your house has the best feeling? What point in that room is the feeling the strongest? This will be a power point, a sacred place in your house.

2. In which part of your property do the plants/trees grow the best? This will be an external power point.

3. You can learn to use divining rods and or call on someone who knows how to do these things i.e. a Feng Shui expert (take caution and be careful of floaters who only ‘think’ they can do these things).

Once you have discovered your sacred place, you need to use it. This should be where you go to meditate, to contemplate, to be still. Such a place should only be used for such things. If your power point lies in the middle of your kitchen for instance, rather than redesign your house, look for another power point; there will be more than one on your property.

Find your power points and enhance your energy and life.