Do Time And Space Really Exist? What Do You Believe?


Do time and space actually exist? Many say they don’t - except if we believe they do.

But how is this possible when mankind has always measured time and space? Without a doubt, they certainly exist in this three-dimensional world. Yet when we look closer, we find in certain instances and on certain occasions, time and space don’t seem to exist at all.

Some examples:

- When an artist gets absorbed in his/her creative endeavour, they ‘lose’ track of time, or perhaps we could say that they step outside time. 

- When a surfer paddles out when great waves are happening, they step out of time and can spend hours absorbed in ‘another’ time and space. Meanwhile, the surfer's girlfriend, who has been sitting on the beach waiting for hours and has been still 'in time', gets annoyed and goes home cranky at having to sit around for so long. 

A great athlete instinctively knows how to transcend time and space and has “all the time in the world" to complete an exceptional play or action. In 1968, a long jumper transcended time and space and created a world record long jump that he was never able to replicate. Only in recent times has it actually been able to be matched.

Have a think about how athletes keep improving their times? Once no-one could run a mile in under 4 minutes; now people do this repeatedly. Are they compressing time and space, without realising that they are doing so, enabling them to travel faster?

Is there any limit to how fast humans can move? Perhaps once people believe - consciously and particularly unconsciously - that they can travel faster, they will. 

Therefore, can an expanding belief in ourselves and what we can do transcend space and time? Looking ahead, as we grow, we could ultimately travel as fast as we want, and perhaps in the case of an athlete, arrive at the finishing line instantly. 

Could we contract space and time then to be able to travel through space at the speed of thought even? When we learn to do this, we could travel into the vastness of the Universe instantly. 

Perhaps this is what the “ETs” have learnt to do. When living in the Philippines years ago, I lived high up in the mountains at one point. One evening I noticed a silver disc on the horizon. At first, I thought that it was a plane. Then it moved in an instant from one side of the horizon to the other. It then hovered for a few seconds, and with the same blinding speed, it traveled up at an oblique angle, then it disappeared altogether. 

Was I seeing something that was functioned outside time and space? 

Some scientists are beginning to consider the possibilities of this. 

It seems to me that once we, as three dimensional beings, begin to believe we can do something beyond what is known to be possible, WE CAN AND WILL DO IT. 

This brings us to the point that WE can actually do anything we put our minds to. However it is important to focus on things that have value. Unlike the Yogi who spent 10 years learning to turn and empty glass over, using only his mind (he took 10 years to reach the belief that he could do this).  His friend on witnessing this said “Why didn’t you simply reach out and turn it over using the gift God gave your hand?”.

Once, not that long ago, it was believed that oxygen was needed to climb Everest. Now many do so without any oxygen. So many things we thought were impossible are now possible.

For those that say they never have enough time, start believing you have all the time to accomplish what you need to do. Know that the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. Try this next time you are in a hurry to get somewhere or do something: imagine time slowing down and yourself arriving at an exact time or completing your task as you need to. Keep practicing this when you feel short of time and observe the changes that begin to unfold. 

A number of years ago, The Council of 12 made this statement:

“Time expands and contracts in accordance with ones beliefs.”

Believe you CAN do something and - guess what - you can.

Believe you have the time and you will!