Entities From Beyond: Friend Or Foe?

These days, there is a deepening awareness of other realms and the associated entities that exist in these realms.

There are many dimensions; the Council of 12 have told us that there are at least 13 dimensions and many more beyond that.

They say the concept of 13 is enough for our limited perception to contemplate. “You”, they say, “have enough of a challenge to understand the third dimensional reality that you live in and the ones immediately beyond (fourth and fifth levels). So don’t worry too much about those levels that you could not comprehend anyway.”

Veils lie between the dimensions and generally keep them separate from each other. However in this age of expanding awareness, the veils are becoming finer and easier to permeate. Thus, interplay between the dimensions has become more common and indeed, for some, a daily experience.

There are two categories of beings/entities that interact with humans.

The first group are those that assist mankind. These are our angels, guides and guardians. Angels nurture and heal, guides help us to find our way in life and guardians protect us. All of this is dependant on our asking them for help and it helps if we can be specific with what we want.

As stated, these benefit mankind and we would all do well to learn how to connect and interact with these wonderful beings.

Angels, guides and guardians do not ever interfere and this is the principle fact that distinguishes this group of beings from the second catergory.

The second group of entities are those that can interfere and disturb our function. They can suck our energy, cause sickness and abnormal behaviour in human beings.

These entities can attempt to possess and control us. We need to be aware that they can disrupt our lives and in some cases, wreck lives or those to whom they attach themselves. They may be in the form of big lumps of sticky muck, some are like leeches, others may be earth bound spirits and some even appear as evil disruptive entities. We need to get free of them, for they will only upset our lives and our health if they remain attached to us.

These forms of entities are becoming increasingly a problem in modern life. This is due to the fact that our emotional bodies are often disrupted, leaving them open and vunerable to those parasites looking for a host to latch onto.

Those individuals with addictions often unknowingly invite these energies in and can be stuck with them and their disturbing behaviour for many years. Some bipolar/schizophrenia is the result of the influence of another entity using an individual’s body/mind causing contradictory behaviour.

People who suspect that they may have parasitic energies around them or on them should seek help to have them removed; they will then only be left with themselves to deal with and that is more than enough to handle!