Finding The Key To Changing Your Life


How do we go about changing from a place we don’t want to be in? For instance how do you change from a poverty consciousness to one of abundance? If you have a life-sapping illness and want to be healed, how do you do this? If you are trapped in grief after losing the one you love, how do you change this? These are just a few of the many situations we find ourselves in on our journey through life.

Yet how often have you heard people things like say “life’s a battle”? How often have you heard someone say that they are “battling cancer”? People often say, “I will fight this, it won’t beat me”. Then, when people die, often after a long and debilitating battle, the sickness has “won”. Someone said to me the other day, about a person they were in conflict with, “he may have won the battle but I will win the war”.

Without realising we make life a battle and whenever a challenging situation arises, people go into battle. No wonder there are so many wars and conflicts going on around the planet.

Remember, the outer world is a manifestation of discord within. So if you wish for peace on the planet, find it within yourself.

Jasmine attended my office the other day and informed me, in the course of my taking notes, that she had been “battling” cancer for three years.

“That must mean that you are battling yourself, for isn’t the sickness an expression of you?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she asked looking, bewildered.

“Well, I believe as do many others, that we manifest everything in our lives and that all things in some way serve us, otherwise why would we manifest them?” I replied.

I had to attempt to get Jasmine to view her life in an entirely different way - a way so foreign that she needed to look at her entire belief structure and decide if the way she had always thought was of any value to her in her present situation.

If we could realise that we create our reality and that there is a reason for all things. If someone has cancer or faces any great disaster in his/her life, it hasn’t fallen on them from a great height; it has developed because the components that make up that person have combined to manifest the situation. That person will have received many many signs and indicators long before the situation became a “disaster”. It is only when we miss the signs that we are given the “train wreck”.

If what most see as a disaster strikes, we have three ways of dealing with the situation, you will note that the first two are the ones commonly used:

1. You shift up a gear and go into battle with the situation.

2. You drop down some gears, collapse, drop your bundle, and are swallowed up by the situation.


3. You accept the situation, and embrace it. You realise it is not the enemy; it is actually your friend trying to tell you something. It has smashed into you because you haven’t been paying attention.

Accept what is and you will find the doorway that leads to change you long for.

Stop fighting life! It is so much easier to develop trust and faith. These will replace fear and a way of ease will come. You will draw to yourself people and situations that will nurture and aid you. Life will become a quest for understanding, instead of a battle for survival.

When you finally accept and embrace where you are (and here’s the key), observe what emotion you are feeling in your situation. Go deeply into this emotion. Discover where in your past you experienced the same emotions. Keep going deeply and release these emotions. Then you will find the path to freedom from your entrapment. This is the path of change. It will just happen, without effort, but with ease.

Last year I watched a friend of mine ‘battle cancer’. She was in hospital for 12 months. She became a ‘million dollar patient’ (the cost of her medical treatment exceeded a million dollars), which she believed a small price to pay for a chance at life. She died. Her life sapped out of her by the cancer and the harshness of the treatment. She didn’t win the ‘battle’ - the sickness ‘won’.

Some of you can identify with a like story. I can’t say that if she had embraced her sickness instead of battling with it that she would have survived; it may have been her ‘time to go’. But if she had paid attention and listened to what her being was telling her, and if she followed her intuitive voice and made the changes she was guided to do, then maybe - just maybe - there would be different outcome.

Your situation, however disastrous it may seems to be, offers you an opportunity to learn the wisdom of the Universe, a wisdom no book or guru could ever teach you.

Many blessings,