Finding your Soul Connection


Whether we are aware of it or not, we all seek a connection with our Soul. Such a connection promises peace and harmony and the only avenue available in our society is religion which works well for some but many find that much is lacking.

Most of us recall the early days of Sunday school… in my memory it was all a bit unreal. I couldn’t get it at all and used to hate going. I had friends who were made to go and later went to a religious school many ending up full of fear “do the right thing or you will find yourself in the fires of hell.”

Fear doesn’t help.

The very fact that judgement is a large part of religions puts many off. Sin. Guilt. Punishment. I don’t know about you but I believe God to be a loving God, not a God of punishment.

I believe that the concept of confession to be a wonderful thing. However modern religion  adds punishment and this wrecks the entire process. I know from my work as a counsellor that when you can listen to a person tell you something that they carry guilt or shame around, how much more helpful it is not to judge them. In fact many fear speaking of certain things because they fear judgment and punishment. We have all felt the liberation of “getting something off our chest”.

So with religion flawed how else can we find our way to our soul connection?

Many of the wise ones down through the ages have given us this direction:

"Go Within for you cannot find what you seek outside yourself only within."

This brings us to the meditative process. It cannot be understated how important meditation is to find your own truth. Not something you have been taught or told but something you can find within yourself.

That is your very own Soul Connection.

Go within and you will find what you seek.