The Gift Of Giving, Receiving And Gratitude

Giving. Receiving. Gratitude.

These are three of the most wonderful gifts that we can hold and three gifts we may take for granted.

Do you truly possess them? 

Here are some thoughts that may help.

I recently learnt to see receiving from a level I had not thought of previously.

I have had the great blessing to be able to ask The Council Of 12 many questions over the past 18 years
(through Peter D, one of the only two channels of The Council Of 12 in the world) and at the end of my questions, they have always said “bless you teacher”.

While I have always thought that I had received these blessings with gratitude, the other day I found myself actually feeling their blessing descend upon me, almost like angel dust being sprinkled from above. It was the most wonderful uplifting feeling and I felt a depth of gratitude I had not previously felt In that moment.

I realised for the first time I was fully able to receive the great gift of The Council Of 12's blessing offered to me, and I truly felt blessed.

For it is easier to give than it is to receive. Most people give in order to be accepted and loved. Yet true giving can only occur if you have learnt to fully receive.

When you give, you are in control; when you receive, you are not in control. Because so many of us carry  deep wounds, we are reluctant to open ourselves to receiving. It exposes us to potential betrayal and further hurt.

Have a look at your ability to give and to receive, look deeply into how you express these two gifts. You will learn much if you are honest with yourself.

If you love to give, don’t deny another their gift of giving by not receiving.

After thinking I always had the concept down pat, I realised I have only just truly understood receiving. I now see giving differently as well also. They are, afterall, like brother and sister - you can’t have one without the other.

The key is give and receive with GRATITUDE. In order to understand the gift of gratitude, again, look deeply into how you receive. How you receive is governed by how much you feel you deserve to be given.

Heal your damaged sense of self-worth and the wonders of the universe will be yours.

Once you hold true gratitude, you won’t be to far away from embracing the wonderful gifts of giving and receiving.

And remember, the next time someone blesses you, pause and receive it deeply!

Happy travelling,