Going Beyond The Three Dimensional World While Still Living In It


Most people on this planet accept without question communication that is fed to us through the media, be it on the nightly news or in the daily papers or through advertising. They believe what our leaders tell them – be it political, corporate, religious or otherwise - even though corruption and lies are being exposed more and more.

There are some however (and their numbers are increasing) that question what they are told and there are those who just don’t believe it at all.

These are the ones that are waking up and seeking a deeply reality. These are the ones that need to find a way beyond this realm in order to understand a different way of thinking and living.

These are the ones that are changing the world, one person at a time.

If you have read this far, you are one of those brave ones who are attempting to journey onto what M. Scott Peck called ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

If you are one of the ones that find themselves asking more and more questions, the lesson is do not worry about the disorder in the world; you cannot directly change it. But what you can change is YOU.

How can we then wake up and to look more deeply into life? Some of course awaken after a ‘train wreck’ - a shattering accident, a life-threatening illness, the loss of a loved one. Something big that changes everything and turns your world upside down. Such events can shift and shatter your way of looking at life.

After such events some people try to contort themselves and go back to who they were before ‘the train wreck’, or lament in depression for what was. A better way is to look forward, find some silence and begin to ask inner questions. What you’ll do, subconsciously, is begin to spur change around you.

Of course, you can avoid the train wreck before it happens by beginning to look within at yourself, by taking time to find the silence, meditating, by asking questions. By finding a way to go beyond the three dimensional world, in order to live in it in a more honest way. We all want to find peace but it isn’t ‘out there’ - it can only come from within. Once you’ve found your inner peace, THEN it is ‘out there’ for you to project it and create it around you.

In this three dimensional world, we function from a beta brain wave pattern; we are largely operating from the left-brain, thus we work from logic and reason. In order to find the balance and harmony in life that we all seek, we need to open our creative self, our right brain. By regularly accessing the silence through a meditation process, we can go beyond our limited left-brain and engage a different brain wave (alpha) or right brain function. We will then find our selves with the best of both worlds where we will be grounded (left brain) but still reaching for the sky (right brain).

Experiment with different methods of meditating; be bold enough to go beyond the world that you find yourself in, for this is a world that you have been given through the influences that you have encountered along life’s path.

Stop, reassess, find the silence, ask for help and live life in an entirely different manner with awareness. The peace happiness and fulfilment will then come.