How Belief Systems Dictate Your Reality: A Tale Of Psychic Surgery


Some years ago while living in the Philippines studying psychic healing, I had an experience that shows just how real the above statement is...

I was attending a healing session conducted by Juanito Flores, a psychic surgeon (a healer who is able to open the human body with his hands and conduct a surgical operation without pain).

I stood beside a Scottish medical surgeon and his wife and we observed a young man come forward complaining of stomach pain. The healer indicated to him to lie on the treatment table in front of him and proceeded with the treatment.

Almost immediately, the patient's abdomen was open and his intestines were in the healers hands. I observed a bulge in the intestines. The healer muttered "pus" and grabbed a pair of not too clean looking scissors and proceeded to stab the bulging piece of intestine. He then squeezed the "pus" out.

He paused momentarily as his assistant wiped the area (none to carefully I might add). The healer then proceeded to "stuff" the intestinal mass back into the patients body and called "next!". During the entire procedure, the patient had been sitting up watching (admittedly looking decidedly green around the gills).

Meanwhile, the Scottish surgeon was struggling. His wife had kept nudging him in his ribs, saying:

"Look at this, he has opened the body with his bare hands."

To which the surgeon replied, "no, no, he has a razor blade concealed in his sleeve.

“But he has a short sleeved shirt," his wife replied.

"Well, we are all hypnotised!" her husband continued.

"You're mad!" his wife continued. "Can't you see what is happening?"

At that moment, the Scottish surgeon was faced with something that made absolutely no sense. It defied everything he had been taught and his mind simply refused to allow him to even consider the possiblity that something extraordinary was occurring in front of him.

His reality was just that - HIS reality - and he battled desperately to hang on to what he steadfastly believed. So much so that he denied the reality of what was. His mind, in this instance, clung desperately to his reality, which was governed by his belief system. His mind refused to acknowledge what the rest of us could see was occurring. His belief system battled desperately to hang on to his reality. He saw only what he wanted to see and even went as far as claiming that something was occurring that wasn’t.

Amazing isn’t it?

This begs the question "what is reality". Have you asked yourself lately?

Happy travelling.