How To Go Beyond Karma: Lessons Of The Student Of Life

Peter Hoddle Karma Creates Victims

Everyone who takes the inner journey will at some point encounter karma. Karmic law states that what you sow, so shall you reap. That means if you do lots of good things, good returns back to you; similarly, if you do harmful or hurtful things they will also return back to you. Our actions from which karma can flow are also not limited to the now or even recent events; karmic consequences may affect you in this current life as a result of events in our many past lives.

For those who are caught up in beliefs that say God punishes, karma has nothing to do with God. God never punishes. God or the Universe simply wants us to learn. There are only ever lessons in life - not punishment. Karma is a cosmic law that like attracts like. Your vibration is your soul’s signature; what you vibrate will vibrate back to you.

However, karma doesn’t have to be inevitable. If we can awaken to how our actions affect others and wish to avoid a karmic rebound, all we have to do is to seek forgiveness and learn from what we have done.

When we have hurt another and we realise it, we give ourselves an opportunity for compassion to awaken within us. With compassion awakened, we tread more carefully and treat others with kindness and awareness. Then we have learnt from life.

If, however, we live in unawareness of the consequences of our actions, the karmic law will be activated not by God, but by our own soul. Our soul wants us to understand, learn and go beyond past patterns. A cycle of action/ reaction is brought about when we are unaware of what we are doing to others. So it is the love of our own soul for us that brings the karmic law into action, in an attempt to help us awaken and learn.

Here’s a simple example of how awakening and learning from experiences can negate the need for karma.

The following happened to me after I had decided to write this article…

I awoke one morning to find myself thinking about a relationship I had as a teenager. It had ended rather badly. At the time, I had dismissed it as one of those relationships we all pass through - part of growing up and getting more sense. However, what I realised in that moment of recall (I had not thought of this relationship for many years) was how much I had hurt this person. In that moment I truly felt her pain. I watched as her hurt turned to anger, and then hatred. I was shocked to feel the density of her hatred for me. I had been until that moment been totally unaware that the event that had occurred all those years ago had such an impact on her.

Once the shock settled, I felt an overwhelming compassion for this teen ex-partner and in a meditation apologised and asked her if she could find it in her to forgive me for being so hurtful. Instantly, I felt her soul release me.

I then realised I had to forgive myself, which is an even greater challenge.  The Universe knows no time; my lesson was lying in this present moment, not in a distant memory. I felt her forgiveness, and in that moment I grasped my lesson and forgave myself.

A weight lifted from me. I saw that I had no need of a karmic backlash. I had asked for forgiveness and I was forgiven; I had got the lesson and I was free.

If you find that you have an ingrained belief in karma, ditch it and be the Student of Life, not the victim of it. For that’s what karma does - it creates victims. The Student of Life simply learns from life and doesn’t need a karmic belief to do so. Knowledge is the key to freedom.


Many blessings,