How To Hear The Voice Of Your Soul

We all have a soul voice. Most don’t hear it, some ignore it and others confuse it with the voice of the ego – they simply don’t know which voice is which. But there are others (like those of you who read these words) that do hear the voice of your soul. This may only occur occasionally but when it happens something extraordinary occurs, you begin to awaken from your slumber. You are the ones that want to wake up to the reality of who you really are.

Your soul self could be likened to a door made from the most exquisite timber and carved with a grace and beauty beyond belief. The door is layered with many coats of thick paint, so thick that the fine carved symbols of beauty are hard to distinguish; in fact many of them cannot be seen anymore.

To reveal the beauty of the door, the paint must be chiselled, scrapped and peeled off. This requires a great deal of effort and perseverance. Once these layers are gone though, the beauty of the magnificent door can be revealed. However there will always remain, on close inspection, remnants of paint in the fine cracks of the wood.

The door represents the soul, the paint the layers of emotional baggage, the chiselling the efforts to release the old emotions and the fine cracks with the minute particles of paint are the reminders of the lessons learned on the journey of life.

Many years ago when I was first taught the art of meditation, I was told that through this most ancient of arts I could directly connect to the voice of my soul. No one mentioned that there was this stuff called emotional baggage in between me and my soul. No one said that you need to find effective ways to release these old emotions, or even that this baggage carried within it great gifts of learning about this process called life.

These misguided teachers of mine even told me I should eliminate my ego. I have long since learnt, from the wisdom gained through going within and the lessons of life, that in order to clearly hear the voice of the soul, the emotional baggage must be cleared.

I have also learnt that my ego is an essential part of my being and instead of getting rid of it I need to understand it, work with it and not allow it to dominate me.

Imagine this: within you resides the wisest being in the entire universe and that you – yes, you - can speak directly to this wonderful being.

In reality, this is actually the true scenario. This is what lies within your reach, within your capabilities. You can do this if you so desire.

I recall Michelle attended one of our workshops. I informed the group at a a certain point of the workshop that those who wished could ask a question of The Council of 12 (the wise Elders that guide all of our workshops).

“Why would they bother to speak to me?” Michelle asked. “I am no one special. I am not important. Why would they bother with me?”

Since our belief governs our reality, Michelle’s belief blocked her receiving properly the lessons that had been taught by The Council Of 12 and she had little chance of hearing her own soul voice.

Hearing the voice of our soul depends on three factors

1. Asking

2. Believing that you deserve to hear it, and

3. Listening.

Michelle struggled to believe she had any value. She did eventually find the courage to ask her questions of The Council Of 12 and was deeply moved as the advice received from wise ones, who answered her questions, giving her their complete attention.

Her sense of self-value has since risen enormously.

When you are ready, when you desire it, when you ask, you begin a process that will, in time, lead you to converse with you very own soul. You will hear the voice of your soul. It will lead you along life’s path. It will guide you, it will nurture you and it will protect you if you so desire. And if you sincerely ask for the help you need, believe you deserve it and learn the art of listening; your life will begin to work in wonderful ways that you once could never have believed were possible.

Warm blessings,