How To Protect Your Energy Field Part 2 - Thought: The Creator Or The Destroyer


Thought is the beginning of all things. It can get us bogged in situations or it can set us free.

Our problem is that we are controlled by our thought conditioning. Everything that we have experienced and been exposed to has shaped and programmed the way we think and the way we respond. All this forms our belief systems. This is often what dictates what we do and how we do it.

If we wish to function in a better way, we need to look into where our thought comes from, and if necessary, make some changes.

First, we need an understanding of how thought works:

All thought has a form. And if we consider for a moment the number of thoughts that occur in every individual daily, and then think of the number of people on the planet, there are a lot of thought forms circulating.

These thought forms take on the energy of the expression (or intent) of the person generating the thought. The person’s emotive input also determines the shape and energy of the thought form. Once the person thinking the thought stops feeding it, or putting energy into the thought, the thought dissipates.

With a weak thought, it will dissipate quickly. However, in the case of strong thought and thoughts that are generated with strong negative intent, these thought forms can stay around for a considerable time and have results that may not always be desirable.

While most peoples thought is vague and has no real definite form or energy, strong thought has a more robust energy and a more definite form. And as mentioned in part 1 of this series, strong thought form can in some cases have destructive energies and travel to make damaging impact on its target.

The Pyramid Of Protection, given in part one of this series on how to protect your energy field, is a way to combat damaging thought forms and also protect you from the disordered thought found in every day life situations. This or similar protection should be used by us all.

Many years ago, I lived and studied psychic healing in the Philippines. It was here that I discovered how real thought forms could be.

I observed many different healers during my years there. I found that because they all had different belief systems, every psychic healer produced different manifestations of sickness that they removed from peoples bodies; the healers thought created what they believed was there.

These healers were called psychic surgeons. They removed physical matter from inside their patients bodies with their bare hands, which they said was the persons sickness.

Every psychic healer produced a different form of “sickness”. This could take the form of mucus or pus, stones, bits of bloody matter. In one case, I witnessed 6 rusty nails pulled out from the abdomen of a man who had severe stomach pains. Obviously, there weren’t rusty nails in the man's stomach before he came for treatment but the healer believed they were there and so that is what was materialised.

After the nails were removed, the pain was gone.

The healers thoughts took a form. As these healers had a great ability to focus, they had the power to ‘pull' the energy aspect of the sickness into the physical dimension. It manifested as a physical form, which was determined by the healers unconscious belief. In the case with the rusty nails, the abdominal pain/energy was sharp; this equated, in the healers mind, to sharp old rusty nails. So that is what was produced.

While I never was able to do a long-term study, I did observe in some instances, the manifested physical form of the energy removed from a person's body (eg, the rusty nails) changed after a short period usually into a blob without much shape or form. This indicated to me that once the healers mind shifted from the sickness (after the healing was complete), his/her thought energy dispersed and the manifested form changed.

Most thought stays as a form that can only be seen by those with an ability to see beyond the three-dimensional world, eg a true psychic. These psychic healers brought the thought form into the physical and it could be seen by everyone who viewed it.

What we can see is that all thought with power and intent behind it has the potential to create or indeed destroy what ever the thought dictates.

An example is The Eiffel Tower, which began as Gustaf Eiffel's thought. It was rubbished by almost everyone as a bad idea, however he never let go of his (thought) vision and the rest is history. The Tower is still with us and is an icon that defines Paris. This is an example of the creative use of thought, and what can be accomplished if the thought is believed in and held on to.

Thought in crowded places can take on a group consciousness and the form can become, in some instances, huge. Large congested cities can have blankets of smog in the physical and corresponding dark matter in the energy levels. Those of you with extreme sensitivities will find it difficult to walk amongst these heavy city energies.  The group energy of such cities drag you down, while the energy vibration in the newer cities - especially in inner cities today - has changed, with parks and lovely energy spaces in many of them. This new energy, which is the result of new bright creative thought, lifts the thought forms and makes these places much more desirable to be in.

It is important to be aware of heavy/dark thought forms and to protect yourself from them. As I mentioned in part one of this series, there is no need to use protection when you are surrounded by uplifting thought; simply allow yourself to be nurtured by these energies.

My point is be aware, be alert, and as a wise man once told me, “Guard the frontiers of your mind.” Protect yourself from those thought energies that will drag you down, while also consciously seeking out places that will lift you up.