How To Protect Your Energy Field Part 1 - The Pyramid Of Protection


Our modern world is full of complexity, change and turmoil, both on a global scale and more importantly, for the individual on a personal level. All of this creates movement and shifting energies, meaning we all move in and out of many differing vibrational patterns every day.

As a result, our energy field gets impacted, and therefore our health and well being can be affected. Sickness - either physical, emotional or psychological - can ensue.

All living beings emanate an energy field. Those who are in good health and balance have strong fields that help to give the individual a measure of protection - a bit like a protective shield. However, others have weakened auric fields, through poor health, stress, emotional imbalance or a variety of other dysfunction (this is most of us, at least some of the time).

In these states, we are vulnerable to the vibrations that impact upon us; they can quite easily permeate us and at times affect us (eg, we can feel great in a morning and wonder why we feel off by the afternoon).

Some of the vibrations that we encounter are positive, for example, the vibrations in nature, of love - these are usually uplifting. Others can range from subtly negative, to at times harmful and even destructive to us. And it is protection from these energies that we could all benefit from.

The key here is to be aware that as we walk into our daily life, we are subjected to a myriad of  vibrational patterns, including disordered ones that can (if we don’t have adequate protection) disrupt and even damage our energetic and physical being.

Further, without adequate spiritual protection, we will struggle to stay free from the mass consciousness, often referred to as group consciousness. This is the accumulation of ALL thought everywhere: in your home, village, town, city state, country or indeed the entire planet. And let's face it, there are some pretty disordered thoughts being circulated. Think of the vast volume of jumbled vibration that comes through TV and social media alone.

Everyone's thought patterns are 'out there' and all of us are affected by this group energy.

When you think about someone, they will almost instantly receive that thought - and it will impact on their energy field and have an effect upon them. If you think loving thoughts, that's what the person you think of will get; if you think hurtful or disruptive thoughts, that's what they will get.

Most of these types of thoughts are mild and most people aren’t aware that they have had a particular thought come their way.

Indeed, most people are unaware that their thought can impact on another. Ever had the thought of someone and then the phone rings and there they are? Most everyone has had these type of experiences.

People with a high profile or especially those in the public eye receive a vast array of thoughts from others - again, some uplifting, some potentially damaging. Most people are not aware that this thought transference occurs. They do not realise the power of thought can be of both great good and greatly disruptive for the person they are thinking of.

The process can however escalate, in extreme situations, into what I would call a true 'psychic attack’. This is when the sender of the thought deliberately sets out to send harmful thoughts to another. This thought takes on a form and can be described by those who can see these forms, such as certain psychics. An example of a powerful projected thought is a ‘curse', when a thought is expressed with an intense emotion and intention behind it. They can be highly destructive, for example, 'pointing the bone’ in some indigenous cultures, can result in the death of the one who has had the bone pointed at them (the bone itself is not important, it is only a point of focus for the thought).

While extreme situations like this are not of concern for the majority of us, they illustrate that our thoughts have extraordinary power and show why protection of our energy body is not just important, but vital for our well-being in the modern world.

Over the years, I have used many methods of protection and most have been useful. However, I believe the exercise called “The Pyramid Of Protection" is the most powerful of them all, and the one I have used for over 10 years.

The Pyramid of Protection exercise was given to us by The Council of 12, who I have worked with for the past two decades and facilitate The Soul & The Ego workshop series, and today, I would like to share it with you.

The Pyramid Of Protection exercise:

  1. Sit quietly in a meditative like state.

  2. Visualise a bright star high above your head.

  3. Imagine that you stand on a large square purple mat.

  4. See a strong beam of light come from the star connect to the right front corner of the mat.

  5. See a second beam of light from the star connect to the right back corner of the mat.

  6. See a third beam connect to the left front corner of the mat.

  7. See the fourth beam connect to the left back corner of the mat.

  8. Look up to the apex, ask it to open and allow the light from the star to flood into the pyramid.

  9. You are now in The Pyramid of Protection.

  10. Your mat will float with you wherever you go.

Only damaging or disruptive energies will be blocked by the pyramid; loving and kind energies will still flow through the walls to you.

The pyramid should be placed around you when you leave your home and go out into the world, or whenever you feel you need energetic protection. Of course, if there are destructive energies in your home, you will need it on inside your house as well (and be sure to sort out those types of energies, your home should be a safe place where you can fully relax without the need for protection).

Once you are in a safe place, you can look up to the star and visualise the beams of energy retracting, or simply ask for the pyramid to lift.

The pyramid should be 'put on' when you go to airports, on planes, public transport, shopping centres, hospitals etc, and taken off when you are in safe places, ie enjoying nature, romantic situations.

Here is an example of how the pyramid can work:

Some years ago, we were holding what is now The Soul & The Ego workshop series and taught the group The Pyramid Of Protection exercise. Major flooding was happening in Queensland at the time.

That evening, one of the ladies in the group returned home to find her farm was being severely flooded. There was a group of 12 of their prized cows stranded on a rapidly disappearing island in the midst of a large paddock. The lady and her husband watched on in tears, unable to do anything to rescue them as the waters rose around them.

Watching the scene unfold, the lady silently placed the pyramid of protection over the terrified cows (in this instance, it was appropriate to use the pyramid on beings other than herself). The water engulfed the cows and swept them away.

The couple were in distress at losing their beloved animals, thinking they had drowned.

Over the next week, the lady and her husband started to receive phone calls from different farmers downstream from the flood path - each and every one of the 12 cows had not only survived the raging flood waters, they had safely ended up on neighbours land. All were collected and returned home safely, without injury.

I believe The Pyramid Of Protection is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to help us navigate life. Try doing this exercise regularly to get into the practice of using The Pyramid. And remember, don't hesitate to ask for its help; you can call it down any time that you need it and it will be with you in an instant.