How To Start Becoming Your Own Doctor

Peter Hoddle Become Your Own Docotor

We are brought up in Western society to believe that if we have health issues we need to go to a doctor and he or she we will fix us. Some of us have discovered that sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. While there is a place for both medical doctors and alternative health practitioners in our world, we shouldn’t just accept somebody else’s point of view without consideration. What we should be doing is listening to his/her view but then checking in with your intuition to see whether or not their opinion or advice resonates with you.

Here are two examples from my own life that illustrate the opposites in medical help.

Many years ago, I visited a GP with a nasty rash. He told me that I “should take more care when I dried myself,” and prescribed a cream, which had no effect.

I returned a week later and he prescribed another cream – which was of no help either. On the third visit, the doctor was called out of the office and I was left alone for some minutes. I was intrigued by the large book that lay open on his desk and pulled it towards me. It turned out to be a medical dictionary. The page was open on R for rashes; the doctor had already given me the first and second medications on the list and was in the process of writing a prescription for the third one. Needless to say when the doctor returned, I had left.

This doctor actually did me a great service for this, and kick started my journey into understanding my own health.

On the other hand, 10 years ago when I was in heart failure, I was most grateful for the medical help I received. It saved my life. But I had to look deeply into the reasons behind my condition and find effective ways to assist myself in conjunction with the medical help that I was offered and gratefully received.

While this article is not a put down on seeking help from the medical world, it is a guide to what you can do to help yourself. There is no doubt that from time to time we might need the services of a health practitioner. There is also however a great deal we can do for ourselves. Doing so may help us avoid needing help or lessen the occasions that we seek help from the medical world. We can learn to become our own doctor.

Here are some pointers to help you get started:

1.    Take responsibility for yourself. So many place their health in the hands of others, who cannot know you as well as you know YOU. While you may have lost touch with your health, you can (with a bit of effort) take back the reins of yourself. Research and ask questions. There is so much information out there: some great, some good and some rubbish, so be discerning. Use your intuition and know that you know what is best for you.

2.    Attend to your diet. Eat organic where possible. Research the food you regularly eat, understand you are what you eat and give your body what it needs to sustain itself. A basic rule: look at what you are about to eat ask yourself “is this food alive or dead?” Fresh food is alive; processed food /overcooked food is dead

3.    Exercise. Too much is really not good, too little doesn’t work either. The main thing is to pick an exercise that you like (and you won’t know whether or not you like it until you try it) and DO IT.

4.    Get into the ‘zone’. The zone is a place of stillness where the mind stops and you connect with your soul. Once in this place, intuitive thought comes to you. This intuition comes from the Source; it will guide you and show you the way. This is the most important thing to do in your quest to become your own doctor. In order to access the ‘zone’, you will need to do some form of meditation. This may take one of many forms: sitting in the silence, guided meditation, doing yoga or tai chi, art, running surfing, scuba diving, ab sailing, skiing, mountain walking or climbing, to name a few ways to access the ‘zone’.

5.    Connect to the earth. It is all around us and always underneath our feet. Take your shoes off when possible and walk on the earth. This helps drain the toxic energies out through the soles of our feet and also helps to replenish our energy fields by drawing up the magnetic energy from Mother Earth. In modern life, we have come so far from this most important connection. Ancient herbalists say that the herb you need to cure your sickness will be growing in your backyard, so if your backyard is full of dandelions, it may be a hint to try some dandelion tea.

There are of course others things you can do to deepen your quest to become your own doctor but this list will provide a good start.

All this means is that you take back your power and take the journey as a student of life rather that a victim of life.

Blessings to all.