How Your Past Can Impact Your Present: Karen’s Story

Peter Hoddle Past Life Regression.jpg

There is no doubt that past lives impact on our current life. Most people have lived thousands of lifetimes and all of these combined previous experiences have contributed to the present life situation. If we become emotionally stuck in a past life, we will encounter a blocked situation in our present one.

Karen had seen me on a number of occasions for assistance in dealing with the passing of her husband and released a great deal of her soul shattering grief. The other day she presented to me, concerned about her weight.

“I need some help with my weight, I cant seem to lose it,” she said. “Every time I have the smallest bit of stress I reach for food, and its always the wrong type of food. I need some help.”

As a result of our past regression work together, Karen slipped easily into a deep state in the chair. She quickly found herself reliving an earlier lifetime.

“I am black,” she said. “A female in my early 20s. I am so hungry, the food we eat tastes bad, it has things crawling in it, maggots. It’s revolting”

Karen’s face screwed up.

“There is never enough food.”

She flinched.

“No, no. He whips me, he rips my dress off, he rapes me,” she said. “I defy him and he whips me. I hate him. I told his wife and that made him really mad.”

Karen, in her past existence, was part of a small group (about 30) of African American people. They were slaves owned by a cruel white landowner. The man whom she was recalling had raped her since she was 8-years-old. One day someone shot and killed her brutal lord.

“It was peaceful after that,” she said. “The wife treated us well, the food was much better.”

“I used to hide food in case there was never enough again. I didn’t want to go back to having none or worse, back to the awful stuff that he fed us. In that life I stored food in a safe place; in my current life I store it around my belly.”

Karen could clearly see how she was following the pattern from the past and was unconsciously fearful of lack again, so she over-ate. She was continuing the practice of storing food, only this time she stored it within her body as an unconscious act.

The life Karen relived was one of a victim. Both she and I felt that another life was attached to the one she recalled, and would give explanation to why she had chosen such a life as the young black woman. In that previous life, she recalled she had died in her ‘40s, quite old for such a harsh time. During our next session, I will help her look into that other life to give her an explanation for this current one.

While there were many issues in the life that Karen revisited, she went to the part of that previous life that explained her overeating/weight problem in her current one. Once the trapped emotion of the past memory is tapped into, the emotional energy releases and the issue that has been manifesting in the present time will release. The problem will be gone.