The Inner Temple Within: Your Path To Truth, Guidance & Peace


If you are reading this article, then you are a seeker of truth and will understand that your journey began long before you came into your current incarnation. Somewhere back in your past life history, you began to go within and as you did this, you began to build an inner sanctuary, a place where you could go within to have peace and inner quiet: your temple within.

You did this because you would have learned the outer world holds no peace. Even if you haven’t realised it yet, the peace you seek can only come from within. So many look outside for the missing piece/peace, only to discover (often after much heartache) that peace is inside of you and always was. Most of you understand this and know that even though sacred places such as temples, churches and special places can be helpful to retreat to from time to time, they only provide a physical channel to help you to connect to the great ocean of stillness that lies within you. As a result though, we often build our own inner temple in the likeness of these outer spiritual spaces that we are familiar with.

Your temple will have been in the making for some time. Somewhere back in one of your lifetimes, a moment took place when you began to awaken, a process that continues today. This may have been initiated in one of a variety of ways. It may have been the meeting of a master or an awakened one, and his or her energy may have uplifted you and shaken you awake. When you are in the presence of such a being, your ego can be shattered, making for a difficult but pivotal turning point of soul development.

Or you may have been awakened by an event like Barry. Barry had been a Roman commander in a previous life, killing, pillaging and raping without conscience, until one day he accidently ran his sword through a small child. In that moment, his whole ego being shattered, realising what he had done. He dropped the sword and walked out of that life and from then on began his inner journey, first seeking forgiveness, then self-awareness and truth.  

In the modern day, awakening may also be instigated through difficult events, like 60-year-old Ian for example, who lost all his savings because his accountant had embezzled his money. For Ian, this “smack in the head” brought him to change his life entirely and eventually led to a path of self-understanding.

There are many ways and varying times the soul chooses to awaken but from the moment it does, an inner temple begins to be built. Your temple might take many lifetimes to complete, but you ALL have one already within you. You may not be aware of it nor be connected to it yet, but it will be there.

Your temple may only be partially built or it may need some modifiying to suit the present day world. For instance, you may have been like me and had many previous religious lives, for example in the Vedic teachings of the east, which were relevant in those times but not today. These old religions required one to retreat away from life in search of inner truth and clarity, whereas being in the present moment and interacting with others is of fundamental importance to today’s modern spiritual and soul development; it simply cannot be achieved by escaping to the mountain and clutching crystals in a cave, as we did in bygone eras.

This is why it is so important one to acknowledge your inner temple and to find, enter it and use it as your retreat - within this sacred place is the guidance you seek, the peace you long for and the truth of you.

Some tips to assist you:

1.    Know that within you is an inner temple that you began to build eons ago.

2.    It may not be complete but by accessing and beginning to use your temple you will continue to build it.

3.    Your temple may need to be modified to fit with the modern day. Use your visual and feeling senses to build and change it in your mind to what feels comfortable to you in this present moment.

4.    You don’t need to look outside for what you seek; once you enter your temple, you have access to universal wisdom and truth.

5.    Visit your temple often and remember it is YOURS - you don’t need permission to enter.

6.    You can access your temple anywhere at anytime; it is always within you.

Enjoy your temple visits.