Karma: Will It Happen To You?

This post is in response to a very good question posed on Facebook recently: “do you believe in karma?”

The answer is yes - but only if you have chosen the karmic path. The karmic path is the hard path; it is the path of unawareness. There is another path - the path of awareness. If you choose this path, you can negate karma.

Karma is the term given to cause and effect: if you do something that wrongs someone, you will receive a payback i.e. someone will do the same or similar to you. Because we have all lived many, many life times and have been involved in a great deal of interactions with others, there is a huge potential for us to have gathered a lot of karma.

There is however another way.

You and I are here on this 3-dimensional plane to learn to come to know who we really are. In order to do this, we need to learn. Learning brings knowledge; this leads to wisdom and understanding and ultimately to knowing who you really are.

There are two ways to achieve this: the karmic way or the way of awareness. It is entirely your choice, which way you decide to do it; either pathway will lead you to your goal. However the karmic way involves a great deal of suffering; it is the long-way around. In fact many eastern religions say that suffering is the only way to reach self-realisation. This is true only if you follow the karmic path.

When travelling the karmic way, the individual gets trapped in victim consciousness. How often do we hear people say how they are “battling” along when they are asked how life is going? The karmic path is one with hardship and constant challenges and the traveller feels trapped on a wheel that they cannot get off. Additionally, if they have religious teaching behind it all, then they will embrace the suffering believing it to be a necessary part of purification and purging of the ego.

The other path is the path of awareness or the path of the ‘student of life.’ Those who embrace this path stop looking at life as a battle and begin to see life as a continual series of opportunities to grow and deepen understanding. The student learns that every day they receive signs and omens that if followed will guide them to realisations of themselves and life. They learn to travel the path of least resistance just as water follows such a path. The Irish have a saying “may the path rise before you”. This means that you don’t need to make it happen - you simply allow it to happen.

So the choice is yours: the hard way – the karmic way - or the way of the student of life - the path of least resistance. The karmic way is the old way. My advice is to travel the new path of awareness and learn to recognise the signs have faith and courage that they will guide you to the place you seek.

Remember your ego wants to stay with the old way, because it is safe and known; the new way is unknown and the ego trembles at the thought of the new. Be bold enough to step out of the karmic way and become the student of life, no longer bound to the ways of suffering and struggle. Make your journey one of adventure and learning so that each day guides you to the understanding you need to help you deal with life in wonderful ways.

On this path you will learn that there is no right of wrong, good or bad, there is no evil. All of life is simply a reflection of how you perceive it to be and all perception flows from our conditioning, which in turn is a reflection of your learning.

Let go of the old way and embrace the new.

Happy traveling,