Life Balance: Advice from The Council Of 12

The following is advice from The Council of 12 at the recent Psychic Development workshop (workshop 3 in the  Soul and Ego series).

There are four aspects to achieve balance in life. To do them requires discipline:

1. Spiritual Balance

- Meditate twice daily 20 minutes morning and night.

- Watch and listen.

- Act without thought of reward.

- Live in the moment.

2. Personal Balance

- Make time for you and only you.

- Seek solitude regularly and be with your thoughts.

- Do what is right for you, not what is popular or expected.

- Be generous with your time and deeds towards others.

- Offer advice only when asked.

- Eat foods that nurture your soul and nourish your body.

- Have personal goals. Write them down and put them on display so that you can see them every day.

- Take regular exercise twice daily. Do what you enjoy: yoga, brief gentle gym sessions, walking, swimming etc.

- Use your intuition.

3. Work Balance

- Work provides you with income that allows you to achieve your goals but you are more than what you do for an income.

- Work teaches you about your true self. Most people are different at home than they are at work. Watch how you change into different aspects of yourself.

- Work provides you with insights and lessons about yourself. Look, listen and learn.

- Be the same person at work as you are at home.

4. Recreation Balance

- Recreation is time away. It is doing what you enjoy, just for you.

- It must be for genuine enjoyment, amusement or pleasure.

Consider these areas. Where are you out of balance? Which aspects do you need to focus on more?