Lifting The Veil: The Mists Of Avalon

Have you read 'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley? This book is an excellent example of how the world beyond the veil interplays with the three-dimensional world that we live in.

The veil is simply the veil of ignorance of our true reality. Before birth, we are in touch with our true selves. However we gradually lose this connection as we grow into the physical world. This is because we begin to identify with the 3-dimensional world and few of us are reminded, or taught, about our true identity so we take on the belief that we are simply 3-dimensional beings (a clear example of how our belief governs our reality).

As we grow through childhood, the veil that separates the worlds develops until we reach a point, usually somewhere in adolescence, where the veil is firmly entrenched. We have become ignorant to our true reality.

At some point we begin to question the 3-dimensional reality, these questions arise when we lack happiness... then our journey to beyond the veil begins.

The Mists of Avalon is a wonderful story of wise ones who have awakened from ignorance and come to know their true reality. I find this book to be inspirational in helping to understand the veil of ignorance, and to maintain the connection needed to understand that we do indeed walk between two worlds.

The workshops that we do (I say "we" because the entire process is guided by The Council of 12) assist you to go beyond the veil. So if you are able, and feel the impulse, do yourself a favour and book in. There are a few spaces left for the next series of The Soul and Ego starting on July 30.

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