Living Your Truth: Council Of 12 Group Reading

The Council Of 12 reading to group, Series 1 Soul Development Workshop, April 2011

"Faith will set you free; pride will imprison you. With this said, pride cometh before the fall and maybe it’s true that pride is a situation that is presented by the ego self. The truth that you have within will never create false pride. It is good to be proud of your achievements and proud of the good deeds you do to others and for others. But ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’. False pride is the greatest harm to mankind. It has destroyed many a great person, both male and female. False pride forces the ego to grow to such a point that the soul presents it with a lesson of destruction, to reduce it to nothing more than ashes to where it needs to rebuild itself again.

Have faith in yourself, live your internal truth, live that that you know is real to you. You will draw to yourself circumstances that will allow you to grow, and also circumstances that will give you pleasure; for some of you, pleasure, you feel, is not deserved. Well it is deserved and in your cases most highly deserved, for we bless you and give to you our eternal love and convey to you the healing energies of the universe. We open to you the wisdom of the universe and we ask in return that you honour that by changing your beliefs, by living your truth, by having faith in yourself.

Bless you all."

The Council Of 12