Early Beginnings: Meeting My First Spiritual Mentor

Fred came into my life in the early ’70s. A friend of his had said to me “you must meet Fred”.

“Who’s Fred?” I asked.

“Here is his address. You will find out when you meet him,” she replied.

I followed my feeling and a week later found myself walking down a long dark passageway in an old upstairs office block. I came upon a door with ‘Fred Arnold - Spiritual Healer’ written in small letters on it. I opened the door and walked into a large waiting room, full of people. I stood for a few moments wondering what to do.

“Take a seat,” someone said.

The room was silent. After a while, a door at the other end of the room opened and an old woman came out.

“Next...” called a voice from behind the door.

Someone else stood up and walked through the door. This went on for about an hour, until I was left sitting alone in the room. I waited and waited. I was beginning to wonder what I should do: maybe Fred had left by another door (after all I didn’t have an appointment), maybe he didn’t even know I was there.

Suddenly the door was flung open and a beaming face popped out. The old man beckoned me to come. I walked through the door as Fred was taking off his shirt and then he proceeded to lie on the treatment table. He was clearly aware of the look on my face.

“Come on,” he said. “Do your stuff!”

“What stuff?” I asked

“Healing,” Fred said. “You can heal me. I need it, have been healing people all day and need some help myself.”

“What do I do?” I asked, quite confused.

Fred just shook his head.

“Just stand here,” he said, pointing to the head of the table. “Put your hands above my head, close your eyes and pray. You will know what to do.”

I did as instructed and a few minutes later, my hands began to tingle and pulsate with heat. They felt like they were on fire and as if they had taken on a life of their own of there own. I felt compelled to place them on Fred’s head. The heat increased and continued for several minutes. When it subsided, Fred opened his eyes and smiled. I felt my face red with embarrassment.

“You have a spiritual guide called Nuko. He’s a medicine man. He stands on one leg looking across the desert. He is a powerful healer,” Fred said. “Thanks Peter, I feel much better now.”

“You also are a powerful healer,” he continued. "Nuko assists you to do what you don’t have the confidence yet to do yourself,” he explained.

My mind was bursting with questions.

“All in good time,” Fred said, answering my unspoken thought.

This meeting began an association between Fred and myself that lasted many months. I became his assistant with his healing work and also his driver (Fred had severe arthritis in his hands and feet, could hardly walk and definitely couldn’t drive). At the time, I was baffled by that: how could one be such a fantastic healer and have major health problems himself? Much later, I was to come to understand that so many of those in the health profession (both in orthodox and alternative fields) took care of others before attending to themselves.

One day, Fred said “there is a film you should see. It’s about the healers in the Philippines. Here’s the address. It’s showing tonight.”

The next day when I arrived at Fred’s place, his wife said that he wasn’t feeling well and she hoped I could help. Fred lay on his bed.

“The bloody doctor has just been. He thinks I am mad,” said Fred, pointing at the comfrey leaves that he had wrapped around his arthritic feet.

“How was the film?” he asked, shrugging off my enquiry about his health.

“I am going to the Philippines as soon as I can,” I replied.

“Thought you might,” Fred smiled. “When you go Peter, there is one healer that you must see. He is the original healer in the Philippines. His name is Terte, he is the best of the lot. Make sure you find him.”

Little did I realise then that Terte was to become my second spiritual mentor. But for now, Fred was there for me to learn from. Terte and many others were to come later.

I spent as much time as could with Fred and listened with deep fascination to his tales of trekking in the Himalayan Mountains and discovering his Guru in his early years. He was a fascinating man and a wonderful healer who assisted many, yet he didn’t get to address his own health issues.

“It’s my karma..." he would say.

I was later to learn that the reason for being born into our lives in this third dimension is not to help others,  but to heal ourselves and to assist others along the way. More on this soon.

Many blessings,