Mind Patterns, Emotions & Healing: Understanding Sickness & Dysfunction


All sickness & dysfunction, whether it be a physical, mental or emotional disorder, has either a mind pattern or an emotional base (or both) that is the cause of the health condition. The sickness is the soul's way of getting your attention; if sickness comes, you have missed the many signs that your soul has placed in front of you.

Healing without having sorted the underlying problem is of little value, yet most of those who have a health condition look to have it healed by something or someone outside of themselves. A healing can only occur when the one with the problem takes responsibility for their health and looks beyond the condition to discover why it was there, for all things hold a gift of understanding.

Sickness is the soul's act of desperation. The soul will have tried many times to get its message across, until finally, after being ignored by the individual, the soul begins to scream in absolute despair and results in dysfunction.

The type and degree of illness is dependent on the lessons the soul wishes to get across to the individual. It can range from something minor like a cold or flu (the soul may be saying ‘its past time for rest so I am going to stop you and force a rest), to a cancer condition which may be internal rage screaming saying “Pay attention! Acknowledge this emotion. Look within,  understand why it is with you and set yourself free."

Sickness means you haven’t heard the messages of your soul.

Healing has a place, is necessary and there does need to be a process to help recreate the balance lost. There are a great many healing avenues around all of us, but without gaining the insights the soul seeks to give to us, nothing will really change. Even if someone could touch you with a magic wand and cure you, the pattern will stay the same and the opportunity that your soul has presented to you will have been missed (at the end of this article, I will offer you such a process to assist you).

We could look at sickness as the body's calling card; when the sickness has manifested, the body is saying "now I have got your attention.”

I saw a lady the other day whose husband has a serious neurological condition. His left arm has ceased to function very much, his balance has gone, he is very unsteady on his feet. His energy is about 10% of what it once was and he wants to sleep all the time. The medical people struggle to put a name on his condition (it is a must for medical minds to give a problem a name). The doctors suggest an operation but say there are no guarantees.

I noticed that this man’s wife was a very intuitive person, so I suggested we try something out of the ordinary and she was most eager to try the proposed procedure.

With her permission, I placed her in a deeply relaxed, altered state of being. I directed her to look deeply within her husband (with his permission of course). What she saw amazed and uplifted her. She saw her husband as he used to be: in control, full of life, taking care of the entire family. She saw that he had become so exhausted and that his ego/control self wouldn’t let him say, "I'm exhausted, I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to be looked after and loved like I have loved you all these years.”

He couldn’t do that, yet his current condition had achieved exactly what he wanted. So the ‘terrible’ condition (depending on which way you look at it) was giving him what he had longed for. The condition was serving him, helping him to get what he wanted. Yet his weakened, controlling self was still desperately trying to find cure. It wanted to return to what he once was. His wife saw that he had missed the many messages along life’s path and how his soul had now taken matters into its own hands and that nothing medically would cure his condition.

She saw that the recognition and acknowledgement of the value of what was occurring would lead to a path of healing. For once we really get the message, our soul offers us a path to healing will open up to us.

She could see that their lives would change and healing would occur with the help of what she had seen. His soul's message had got through. He would no longer would need the sickness to convey the message as he now had it. This would allow healing to come over time.

Such a drastic condition may seem a bit extreme to get the soul's message across, as the suffering and anguish this man and his wife had gone through (a complete change of life) was extreme. All his soul wanted was for him to make the change that he inwardly was asking for.

A healing exercise:

  1. Find a quiet place with no distractions and either lie in comfortable position or take up a meditative pose.

  2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and slowly, gradually slowing the breathing.

  3. Count 12 breaths and by the twelve breath, your breathing should be quiet.

  4. Focus on your heart region and imagine yourself move out of yourself and ‘float’ above your body.

  5. Look down on yourself, imagining that you have x ray vision and you can see inside your entire body, emotions and mind.

  6. Focus on your visual sense. Concentrate on the point between your eyes and imagine that you can see into the darkness. Next focus on your feeling sense and ‘open’ it. Do the same with your auditory sense. Imagine you can see, feel and hear beyond what your physical senses normally would.

  7. Now scan your body and your being, asking to see with absolute clarity what is really happening to you. Ask your sickness/dysfunction what it is trying to tell you. Allow impressions to come to you. They may come as a thought or a feeling, or you may see an image which will tell you a story.

  8. Have a note pad handy in case you need to record what you comes to you.

  9. Ask what would be the best way for you to heal yourself.

  10. Write down what comes to you.

  11. Put it into practice.

You should now have a completely different perspective on you and any sickness/dysfunction that you may have.