Mindfulness Meditation In The Modern World: It Only Takes A Minute

one minute mindfulness meditation excercise

It seems to me that in today's modern world that the word mindfulness is much more acceptable than the word meditation. Of course they are exactly the same thing - simply names for the process of going within.

The difference is that the word meditation tends to have a whole lot of spiritual connotations around it. Perhaps people today simply find the word mindfulness more acceptable? Perhaps they don’t want all that ‘spiritual’ stuff or they don’t feel that it has a place in their world?

All they want is a process that helps creates a greater harmony in their day… 

Or maybe all they want is a different type of meditation? 

It makes sense that the fast-pace of today's world may necessitate a new way, a process that the fast-paced person can understand and undertake quickly.

He or she doesn’t have the time to find a sanctuary in the wilderness and then use a ‘meditative’ process which takes him/her gradually and quietly within. They may need something compact and to the point. All he or she wants is a quietness of mind - a sense of peace - so they can find their way through the madness of their busy congested world.

The traditional meditator, the sage of old, looked to flee from the worldly madness; today, most of us want to be able to navigate our way through that madness without it engulfing us. 

The age old meditator needed at least 20 minutes (and often more) to find his way within and he/she required a process that accommodated this. In today’s world, some of us only have a few minutes to calm our inner discord, so we need a method that facilitates this.

If you have come out of a business meeting and have to quickly make an important decision, perhaps a one minute meditation would be appropriate? 

“How can one meditate in one minute?" I hear the old sage say. He or she may not call it true mediation, but it does only take a moment to pause and go within. 

It only takes a moment to find THE MOMENT.

And once you're in the moment, clarity comes. 

When you get the clarity, then comes insight

You now have the insight and then comes solutions

From solutions comes freedom.

From freedom comes peace

And with peace comes understanding.

We are told that there is no time in the Universe. That time is an invention of man that we needed to function in this three-dimensional world.

Therefore, if there is no time, then everything is in the now. Not in the past or the present - just right here, right NOW. 

And if there is no time, and everything is here in the moment of the now, surely it must be possible to enter the now - the moment - in a moment.  Any longer might even be seen as an indulgence (or an old belief system)!

Those who believe in the now need methods that facilitate entering the moment in a moment. And this may be all they require.

Try this one minute mindfulness exercise and see how you feel afterwards

Place a clock in front of you with a minute hand ticking. 

Keep your eyes open and watch the minute begin.

Focus your attention on your breath. 

Take a long breath in, inhaling in through the nose and taking it right down to your navel.

Hold your breath there for a moment.

As you release your breath slowly, imagine all the disordered energy you have within leaving as you exhale.


Breathe in again, and as you do, draw peace and ease all the way down to your navel.

Hold your breath and imagine absorbing this energy throughout your entire being.

As you breathe out, feel the last remnants of your disordered energy being released.

Breathe in again, and as you do, draw peace and harmony within, spreading it throughout your being.

Repeat this process twice.

Your minute will be up, if you have been slow enough with your breathing.

Well done. You have just completed a one minute mindful moment.  Welcome to the modern world! Do this often enough and you will start to see the benefits of living in the now and going within.