Modern Day Spirituality, According To The Council Of 12


The Council of 12 are 12 non-physical beings who assist mankind, especially those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and an understanding of their place in the Universe.

The Council Of 12 tell us that today’s religions are no longer relevant. While these teachings and philosophies had value in times gone by, they are no longer relevant to modern life.

I, like many who read these words, began my journey by venturing into eastern religions. Western Christian teachings seemed drab and out of touch; the Vedic way seemed more expansive and relevant. While it is obvious that western Christianity is battling to find a place in the modern world, The Council of 12 say that the Vedic way no longer applies either.

In fact, eastern ways may do a great deal of harm to us. They can release energies trapped within the unconscious that disturb and imbalance the individual, and the individual - embedded in modern life - often ends up in a perilous place, as the following two stories illustrate.

Jane had embraced Hindu and Buddhist philosophies and loved to chant and partake in gonging sessions, which she said made her feel wonderful and free. However after one particular gonging session she said she felt weird, and some days later complained of excruciating pain in her left foot.

This pain stayed with her for many months, although she attended many competent practitioners, both orthodox and unorthodox, she attained little relief. The pain finally subsided on its own almost 12 months later.

Because the gonging opened up psychic channels, Jane released some embedded emotion she had no idea she carried. In addition, that night other people had released their embedded emotional energies, and Jane - with her openness - had absorbed some of these energies. These energies had nothing to do with her, yet she was stuck with them with no idea that she even had them inside of her.

She also had no tools to deal with these energies. Jane was stuck. A spiritual practise that Jane believed to be of value in fact did her a great deal of harm and put her life on hold - she couldn’t do anything while immobilised with foot pain.

As I mentioned, I myself travelled into the eastern way early in my journey of self-discovery. Like Jane, I too enjoyed the various spiritual practises and believed that I was aiding my inner discovery. That is until Robert arrived at the ashram in which I was staying at to teach Kundalini yoga.

The Kundalini is an energy that resides in the base of our spine. It comes about when our spirit enters our body (this occurs usually before birth, the time varies dependant from person to person). Our life force (spirit) enters through the Crown Chakra (at the top of the head), travels down and anchors into the Base Chakra, and it stays there until the individual begins to awaken spiritually. Then it slowly and gently moves as the persons vibration becomes ready for it, the entire being awakening and beginning to vibrate on a finer level.

Unbeknownst to me (and to Robert), the situation that was about to unfold was anything but slow and gentle. This is exactly what happened: in the midst of an exercise with Robert, I felt a sudden explosion in my lower spine. The roaring blaze of the energy physically hurtled me some 12 metres across the room.

I lay there in terror, crumpled up in a heap on the floor with a scorching pain in my spine, staring at the bewildered Robert, who clearly had no idea what he was unleashing. Freaked out, Robert promptly grabbed his stuff, ran out of the room and kept running.

I never saw him again after that day. He was clearly out of his depth in his teachings. It took me nearly two years to find freedom from the pain and the psychological imbalance of that event (I thought I was losing my grip on reality, and I knew that if I had attended a physician I would have been certified as mad).

Like Jane, I couldn’t find anyone to help me because the people I asked had no idea what was happening to me, even though most said that they did (I was to discover what happened on my own though the ‘coincidental’ discovery of a book about Kundalini, written by a yogi who had gone through the same thing).

With this experience and many similar others, I fully understand The Council of 12 when they tell us to forget about sweat lodges, gonging, chanting and old rituals from a bygone era. It is time for modern spirituality. The process that The Council of 12 present is just that: powerful and effective and even though some find it challenging, tools are given to you to deal with the issues that arise.

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Blessings to all.