Modern Times & The Need For Modern Spirituality


I believe that in the modern age, we need a new spirituality that is relevant for the modern world, and that the techniques and practices of ancient times no longer have the validity they once had.

Past generations needed techniques and processes the suited their times; today's world is entirely different and therefore requires a different type of spirituality.

If we seek information on spirituality/meditation, we will find that most of the literature talks of ancient modalities. In times gone by we were told that the more meditation we did, the better. That we had to eat certain foods, refrain from alcohol and in some cases, told that it would be better if we became celibate (to aid in reaching an enlightened state). There was a long list of do’s and don'ts that you had to adhere to maintain a spiritual path.

While some of the ancient modalities like yoga, tai chi, and health practices like acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine are as relevant now as they were when the great Rishis of old first brought them onto the earth, other ancient ways and modalities have the potential to do more harm than good. These include hours of meditation, long periods of fasting or silence such as Vipassana, gonging sessions, sweat lodges and celibacy among others.

These may have worked well in ancient times but don’t work that well in the modern age.

This isn't to say that some people haven't gained positive benefits from the use of ancient modalities, but there needs to be caution exercised in their use.

The reason for this is that the modern man/woman has gathered a great deal of emotional baggage, belief systems and patterns that people in past times didn’t have; the amount of baggage that we carry now is a great deal more than in previous eras. Therefore a different approach is needed to deal with this ‘loaded emotion’.

Modern life has a great deal of change that occurs often daily, whereas in past times things moved at a much slower pace. Evolutionary processes have sped up and many of us feel as if we are experiencing ‘several’ lifetimes in this one. This results in considerable amounts of emotion being generated, and processing can be difficult. We bury this deep within our unconscious mind and, in time, it begins to seep out as either a sickness, dysfunctional behaviour or outbursts of cranky emotion that may damage ourselves or indeed damage those around us.

Survival either physically, emotionally, or psychologically is of paramount importance to us. We survive the overwhelming stuff in life by pushing emotion deep into our unconscious mind. We may even tell ourselves that the situation didn’t happen or in some cases make up a different story about what happened, one we can better cope with. Either way we do our best to move away from the unpleasant emotional response that we are having. Giving ourselves a different reality, one that we can more effectively deal with.

The use of ancient modalities can cause this buried emotion to erupt into our consciousness with, at times, damaging consequences. These can range from mild distress to full psychosis. In other words, more emotion can come up than the individual can deal with. This is also a common occurrence with the use of mind altering drugs, both prescribed and recreational. And this damage can be difficult to reverse. Although these types of effects are not frequently seen, they do occur. This is why a modern spirituality is necessary; it not only gives us the tools to deal with our imbedded emotion when it arises, the emotion doesn’t overwhelm us and allows us to deal with our deepest emotions at in a manageable method.

I believe that the reason why we are here on planet earth is to come to know ourselves and spirituality is the quest for that inner understanding. Modern spirituality is a simple process that can and does assist us on that quest. Once we discover the truth within ourselves, we will truly know ourselves and in that, we will understand the truth in all things.

The teachings of The Council Of 12 over the past 20 years and the highly specific structure and methods they have given us in The Soul and The Ego personal development course both reinforce this. I’ll leave you with The 7 Universal Laws given to us from The Council Of 12, which are essentially the foundation for modern day spirituality. These words are something you may like to consider before you choose to undertake a new activity on your spiritual path.

The 7 Universal Laws

1. The purpose of living in the three-dimensional world is to come to know yourself.

2. There is no good or bad; there just is.

3. Fix yourself, not everyone else.

4. Do not interfere in other peoples journeys unless you are invited to do so.

5. We are divine beings and as such, we decide and agree with our soul group on how we will help facilitate each others lessons in life.

6. There are no coincidences. Everything has a purpose.

7. To truly understand something, we must experience it on all levels and in all its facets.

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