My Connection With The Council Of 12

The Council Of 12 are a group of non-physical beings that assist the growth and development of souls on this and other planets in the Universe. They are a mixture of male and female energies all of whom have at one time lived through incarnations on the earth, just as we do today.

They have become awakened to their true natures and have long since mastered their emotions and, as such no longer need to live in this third dimensional reality. Their sole purpose - through their own choosing - is to assist those who truly seek knowledge.

According to The 12, there are only two individuals on this planet whom they directly use as voice pieces or channels: a lady called Selacia in California and the colleague I work with, Peter D.

Peter D called me many years ago seeking assistance with an anger issue. He had consulted a clairvoyant who had suggested he call me for some regressional hypnotherapy to help him with an issue stemming back to the age of nine years old.

Peter D slipped easily into a deep trance and was soon reliving a previous life as a 9-year-old crippled boy - his anger stemmed from this earlier time. Peter D and I worked on these underlying patterns for a number of years; this assisted him to clear his anger (the anger that this man carried was ‘loaded’, meaning it was out of all proportion to any current event that may have triggered it).

One day Peter D’s ‘loaded’ anger was gone. It was at this point that he found himself standing in a cavern (while in a deep trance state). With him in the cavern were 12 beings standing in a semicircle around him. Peter had no idea who they were. When I asked him to enquire of their identity, they introduced themselves as The Council of 12 (neither of us had ever heard of them).

This was the beginning of a remarkable journey for both Peter and I. We have learned a great deal from ‘The 12’ and they continue to guide both of us and assist through workshops to help others. Over the years since these early beginnings, The Council Of 12 have done individual readings for those in need of assistance and many have been helped with simple practical advice interspersed with deep wisdom, for The 12 understand all things and see with absolute clarity.  

Since connecting with The 12 wise ones, my work as a therapist and metaphysical workshop facilitator has been taken to much greater depths and my vision has opened. Meanwhile, Peter D has moved from a man trapped in rage to a wise and intuitive individual who assists a great many individuals and groups.

We began holding workshops with the assistance of The Council Of 12 soon after we met them and after around a decade, these workshops evolved into a specific series of five two day workshops, taking place on a weekend every two months covering a period of 10 months.

We have already seen these workshop processes are unbelievable and for those willing to change, remarkable transformations are occurring in peoples lives. The Council Of 12 have designed the workshops and each is a layer that unfolds another level of inner awareness in the individuals attending.

The 12 tell us only those who are invited by them will attend.

These workshops are an opportunity for those attending to ask questions of The Council Of 12.

One man who had booked and cancelled a workshop, saying he couldn’t afford to come, called me up on the morning of a workshop and asked if there were any places left (someone else had cancelled that very morning leaving one spot available). The man had had a dream that night; in the dream he saw a round table with 12 monks seated and one empty chair. A collective voice spoke "we cannot start until you come" (this man knew nothing of “the 12” and their connection to the workshops). Needless to say he came and his life has since changed in remarkable ways.

The Council Of 12 continue assist and both Peter D and myself to help facilitate the journeys of others. We both feel blessed to have been given this opportunity.

Blessings to all.


This article originally appeared on Light Retreats.