The Myths And Truths About Angels

Here are some myths and truths about Angels. These have been gathered from my own experiences and have been validated by The Council of 12.

Myth 1: Angels do everything
Angels don’t do everything. Their purpose is to nurture, comfort and heal those that seek their help. They exist on a plane separate from this 3 dimensional world that we live in, yet they are able to interact with us when we ask them for assistance. Angels are not the only invisible helpers that we have available to help us; there are also Guides and Guardians. Each of these three have very specific roles. While the Angels nurture and heal, the Guides point the way and the Guardians protect us. It is important to know whom to call upon and for what purpose you call. Don’t ask your Angel to guide - you that’s the Guide’s role - or protect you - that’s the Guardians role. Don’t ask your Angel to find you a parking space; he or she has far more important things to help you with. If you wish for a parking space, use your own power of visualisation and be careful not to ask for the best parking space in the car park - that is the disabled one and you have to be disabled to get it. Only ask your Angels to nurture and heal you.

Myth 2: Angels incarnate as humans
A false belief. They are Angels and have neither the need nor any desire to be human. Many years ago, I asked The Council of 12 if this was a truth (as some prominent Angel authorities have put this forward as a truth). The Council of 12 thought it was a hilarious thought: “Why would they wish to do that?” was their reply. “They are Angels. They have always been Angels and will always be Angels.”

Myth 3: Angels have wings
Angels, as do Guides and Guardian, take on the form that you believe them to have. Each one of us carries a vast history of symbols and images that are mostly unconscious. If we have had a lifetime as a Christian, we carry the associated imagery. In early Christian times an artist depicted an Angel with wings and thus began a flood of similar images (peoples beliefs were that all angels could fly therefore they must have wings.) The truth is that they have bands of energy that come into their shoulder areas on each side and these have been interpreted as wings. Remember, reality is a reflection of our beliefs; your beliefs will dictate what you see, not what is actually there. Angels will take whatever form that is best accepted by your consciousness. If you believe they have wings consciously or unconsciously, then they will have wings. Angels are beings of light but because our reality demands something more tangible, they will take on form for our benefit and connection.

Myth 4: All Angels have names
Angels aren’t concerned about names. Their desire is to help those who seek their assistance. It is only our ego-based desire that wants it know an Angels name. There are a number of people who profess to have the Archangel Michael or Gabriel or Mother Mary assisting them. This simply makes them feel important (the ego running rampant). Angels and Archangels prefer to help anonymously, as this doesn’t promote our egos and therefore allows more of their assistance to reach us. So don’t worry about your Angels name - just be happy with the connection.

Angel Truths

Truth 1: Angels are real. They exist to nurture and heal those who seek their help.

Truth 2: Angels never lie. They are beings of truth.

Truth 3: Angels answer our call for help instantly. It is only a lack of worthiness on our part that blocks the connection

Truth 4: Angels are the most wonderful of all beings in the universe.

When you feel the presence of an Angels, you’ll know it - the peace that passes of all understanding comes upon you.

Many blessings,