The Soul & The Ego Series 5 Workshop Dates Announced For 2013


I'm pleased to finally announce the next upcoming new series of The Soul and The Ego workshops, which I know a few of you have been waiting for.

Moving into what is now the fifth series of workshops, and with no two series having been exactly the same, I can say these workshops are just getting better and better. The transformations we see in those who attend is nothing short of awe inspiring. The Council of 12 continue to take us (myself, Peter D and workshop participants) down new paths to our soul connections, rewarding those who seek to truly learn about themselves with the most wonderful understanding and tools to equip themselves with in life.

These workshops don’t actually force any specific thoughts or directly provide answers for you; they simply present a structure that allows you - the student - an opportunity to realise something about yourself (whether you were aware of it or not) and in the process, release old toxic unnecessary patterns that no longer serve you.

To book, phone 07 5485 0955, or for further details on the workshops and how each series works, check out our workshops page.

For those of you interstate, we have had numerous people travelling from across Australia to attend the workshops and can recommend local accommodation to assist your travel bookings.

Workshop 1: Saturday March 9 and Sunday March 10
Workshop 2: Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16
Workshop 3: Saturday July 13 and Sunday July 14
Workshop 4: Saturday September 14 and Sunday September 15
Workshop 5: Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10

If something is speaking to you about these workshops from inside, go with it. I look forward to seeing you for a great new year in 2013.