The Silence: New Weekend Workshop ‘In Search Of The Temple Of Wisdom’


I’m pleased to announce and invite you to a new two-day workshop I will holding at the end of August on the Sunshine Coast called ‘In Search Of The Temple Of Wisdom’.

Date: Saturday August 24 & Sunday August 25 2013.

Venue: Lake Weyba Cottages, 179 Clarendon Road, Peregian.

Cost: $350.

This weekend workshop has come about as a result of a series of meditations that I have had in recent times, which some of you on Facebook will have been reading brief snippets of that I’ve posted of late.

During these times in The Silence, I found myself in a beautiful temple standing before a large book, called ‘The Book of Truth’. With each meditation a different lesson arose from this book until I had 12 lessons for life. Every time I was in the temple, I was given a small pocket sized book that held one of these lessons; the lessons relate to us all.

During this workshop, I will be sharing what I have been given and I will assist you to find your own Temple and your own ‘Book of Truth’.

What has helped me to reach a point where I have been able to become quiet enough to deeply enter these meditations is an understanding of The Silence.

What follows is some of my experiences of the Silence and my understanding of what it is…


My first conscious experience with The Silence came when I first visited India; I was in my early ‘20s and on a spiritual quest to find my guru (something I came to later understand was not outside myself but within.)

It was late at night and I had got off a dilapidated old bus and walked through the gates at Sri Satya Sai Baba’s Ashram. The bus trip had taken 10 hours; the bus had stopped and started so many times I had lost track. To say I was exhausted and shattered would have been an understatement.

I walked through the tall gates and entered into an incredible stillness, it was so still that I physically had to stop in my tracks. I felt frightened to move in case I disturbed the stillness that surrounded me. It consumed me. I stood there for a long time. The silence was deafening.

The second time I felt The Silence in a similar measure, was some 10 years later high in the Himalayan Mountains when the deafening Silence met me again. This time, as before, I was alone, I sat on the side of the trail for so long a guide from our trekking party had to be dispatched to retrieve me. It had become dark and our trek leader had become concerned. I was completely immersed in the silence. It had taken me beyond into the most wonderful stillness. I had to be almost dragged from my seat on that rock back to camp.

If you sit in the silence long enough it will allow all your inner baggage to arise. You will be able to clearly see yourself, free yourself from that which you need to and finally embrace the true you.

The Silence holds all. Everything that you carry will arise from the shadows - the hurts, fears, guilts and angers that you have gathered along your journey will begin to emerge from within the silence. The shadows have been long locked away in deep recesses, hidden in the days when you had no tools and no faith to deal with them, but now in your quest for the deep knowing of self they arise.

Once you have found the courage to sit with the shadows, they move and the silence deepens and becomes a stillness that defies description. From this comes the voice of your very own soul and then you have the direction, the guidance that you have for so long reached outside for. You will now see what was inside of you all the time. You will find yourself touching the void within and being enveloped by a golden silence beyond description.

Some time ago, I listened to an interview with someone who had worked in Antarctica and spoke of becoming an ‘Antarctic addict’. He explained about his first visit there how he went for a walk in a remote outpost one morning and was enveloped by the silence.

“It is quickly addictive. I have to keep going back for it,” he said.

“There is no sound, no wind, no animal sounds, no movement. Nothing but stillness.”

While you don’t have to travel to such remote places to experience The Silence, it can help to have had such experiences. The Silence is within and around you always, you simply have to become quiet enough to allow it to be with you, then be bold enough to travel deeply into it.

The ability to find and enter The Silence has allowed me to find my way to the Temple of Wisdom and discover the ‘Book of Truth’. If you would like to experience The Silence for yourself and discover your own personal ‘Book Of Truth’, then register your interest now for this special workshop via the contact page or by phoning on 07) 5485 0955.