The Past Vs The Present – Anita’s Incredible Past Life Regression Story


My first time doing regression therapy professionally was an unexpected, unforgettable experience to say the least. While over the decades, I’ve been privileged to assist thousands of people unlock the hidden, fascinating journeys of their past (both in this life and previous lives), the following incredible story highlights just how much how our past can impact on the present…

Back in the early ‘80s, Anita came into my office in serious pain, her back in spasm.

“I can’t stand this pain,” she said. “Can you help me?”

I had before me a perfect opportunity to see if I could help Anita with some hypnotherapy. Even though I had completed my formal therapist training, I was yet to actually offer my skills out, let alone to someone in such crisis. Still, I was desperate to try to help her.

Anita proved to be a wonderful subject for hypnosis. Within a few minutes she was in a deep trance and out of pain.

I knew, however, that there was more to it.

“Where does your pain come from?” I asked.

My technique was still a little raw but it worked. Anita began to describe life as a young teenage Aboriginal girl. She found herself walking along a familiar forest trail, enjoying the smells of the bush, when she was suddenly startled by loud banging noises.

She began to run toward her village and as she came over a hill, she looked down to see her people being shot by white men (the banging came from the muskets, a sound that she had never heard.)

Terrified, she stood frozen to the spot. One of the attackers saw her and ran toward her. He grabbed her; at this point, she woke out of her shock and began to wriggle, slipping from her attackers grasp. She began to flee.

“I’ll get you, you black b***h,” he yelled as she ran.

Bang. He fired his gun and shot her in the back.

She lay on the ground bleeding, in terrible back pain, fear, confusion and anguish and slowly died (the cause of Anita’s back pain could now be explained).

“The gun had a big end on it,” she said (I presumed this to be a scatter gun or blunderbuss).

As she left that body, the fear and anguish stayed with her for some time. She floated above her village and saw the result of the attack: many had died, others were kept as slaves and some of the young woman as sexual slaves. She was alarmed that the ones that still lived couldn’t hear her.

Gradually the scene faded and she moved slowly up into the worlds beyond.

After she had adjusted to her new space, I attempted to bring Anita forward to just before she entered her body for her current life. She became extremely agitated and defiantly said, “No way - I am NOT going back down there ever again.” She was clearly very distressed.

After some minutes I said, “Well why did you come if you didn’t want to be here?” (Not the most appropriate question for a therapist!)

“Because I had to learn about hate,” Anita replied after considering my question for a few minutes.

“They (her parents in this life) hate each other.”

She remained in an agitated state for some time, until finally she found herself surrounded by wise beings who gently explained to her the purpose of her life in coming back again and why she herself had actually chosen this life (at this point, she said she could not disclose the bulk of what was said to her).

The net result was that she came reluctantly into her current life, which she described as hell.

At this point, I decided to end the session as Anita had been under for over an hour.

When she came out of the hypnotic state, she had no back pain whatsoever.

It took her several minutes to have the courage to move, for she feared the pain would return. It never did.

As we discussed what had happened, Anita gave me further insight into her life.

“My father is dead. I hated him and he hated me. I left home when I was 15 years old to escape him (Anita was now 35 years old).

“Some years ago, I received a call from my mother saying that my father was dying and if I wanted to see him, that I should do it soon. He was fading quickly and mumbling incoherently. My initial reaction was ‘he can rot in hell’, but after further thought, I decided to visit him.

“As soon as I walked through the door, he took one look at me, sat upright in the bed and clearly said, 'I’ll get you, you black b***h'."

The same exact words he had said to her before.

He lay straight back down in his bed and started mumbling incoherently again.

The nurse explained his behaviour by saying he was on morphine and not to take any notice of his words.

Anita now understood and knew that the man who had shot her in the back in her previous life was her father in this current life.

“He died that very evening. Now it all makes sense.”

Nothing was resolved between father and daughter in this life, yet Anita - as a result of her therapy - had set herself free and wouldn’t need to encounter her father again, at least not in the same circumstances.

This was my first ever regression as a therapist and I was blessed to have such a wonderful subject and a remarkable result.

Blessings to you all.