Personal Development Workshops: How Can They Help?

How many of us know people who have attended a number of “new age” workshops but yet nothing seems to change?

So what's happening here?

These are often sincere people who love the “new age" stuff. They come away from workshops inspired and uplifted yet after the dust settles they are still as dysfunctional as ever. So what aren’t these people doing? Maybe they don’t really want to change, or they aren’t asking for help to change, or they don’t believe they deserve to change, or they haven’t learnt gratitude.

Here is a checklist of prerequisites for change:

1) Change only occurs when you truly desire it.

2) Perhaps we are fearful of letting go of the old dysfunctional ways, that may be familiar and comfortable.

3) Maybe we haven’t learnt what was needed from those old ways. Remember, all things are there to serve us, it is only when they no longer serve us in some way that we can and will let them go.

4) Are we actually asking for help to change? Maybe we don’t realise that the universe honours our free will so completely that our helpers wait to be asked before helping. Remember your greatest ally is prayer.

5) Maybe we don’t believe that we deserve change. The underlying issue that we, as humans, have is a lack of self worth. When we don’t believe that we deserve what we ask for, we stop it from coming into being.

6) Do we show gratitude for what we are given? To receive with true gratitude is a gift, many can give while few can truly receive.

7) Maybe we look to the workshop or the workshop leader to give us knowledge, whereas the true workshop can only point you within and set up a safe environment for you to explore your own self. The answers and the clarity must come from within you.

Some time ago in the middle of a workshop I was conducting, a participant pulled me to one side and said “Peter I know all this stuff you are talking about I have heard it all before." To which I replied, “I see you have been listening to me instead of listening to yourself.”

As a world renowned "new age" identity said a while ago while addressing a major workshop in California:

“I have only one thing to say to you all... GO WITHIN!”

Happy travelling