The Power Of Humming + The Sound Of The Universe


Sound has long been known to have an affect on the human condition; certain types of music can uplift and inspire, while other forms can scramble and depress those exposed to it.

Living beings are vibration and as such we are affected by any vibrations that we are exposed to.

All vibration has a sound attached to it, even vibration that you cannot physically hear. Someone who is deaf can ‘hear’ vibration; if a deaf person witnessed a tree falling in the forest, he would not hear an audible sound but there would be a vibration as the tree fell, and underneath the vibration would be a sound. Remember, the great composer Beethoven composed music that he couldn’t hear when he became deaf, yet he still ‘heard’ the symphony and was able to write the magnificent music down (Beethoven’s staff said he would put one end of a pencil in his mouth, and put the other on the piano, to feel the vibration of the note).

Just because we cannot hear the sound of a vibration, it doesn’t mean it isn't there.

Within this wonderful Universe in which we exist, there is an original sound from which all sound emanates. This sound is different to the usual ones that we hear; it is the hum of the Universe (the buzz/hum that you at times hear in your ears). It is the vibration that the Universe makes as it moves along.

This humming sound, once you tune into it, has the capacity to heal and harmonise your entire being. Sickness - whether physical, emotional or psychological - is a vibrational disharmony and in order to heal and feel as we should, the dysfunction needs to be harmonised. The original sound has the capacity to do this.

Eastern mystics have long referred to this sound as the OM or AUM. When I began yoga many years ago, I was encouraged to chant the OM sound (HUM) and meditate on it. While it had some calming value, I didn’t then understand the full significance of this sound, therefore was unable to discover a deeper understanding of this, the original sound.

This sound is the source of all things; the very creation of the Universe evolved out of this sound. It is all around us: above, below, inside, outside. It permeates all things. In fact, once you become aware of this humming, you will hear it everywhere and you will hear it all the time.

We are connected to it. We, in our true nature, are one and the same as it.

Interestingly, the medical world calls this sound tinnitus and considers it a health condition.

The sound is most prominent deep in nature: the mountains, the forest, the ocean, all places where the fullness of nature dominates (nature, being in balance and harmony, is an expression of the sound).

Here are some aids that may help you reconnect to the hum of Universe, the original sound:

  1. Go into nature (or you can be anywhere). STOP and LISTEN. Suspend all thought.
  2. Let the sound come, for it is already there; it always was and always will be.
  3. Listen for it. FEEL IT. Let it engulf you.
  4. Then mimic the sound from deep within your throat. HUM, long and slow.
  5. Spend a few moments doing this.
  6. Next, stop expressing the sound and once more LISTEN to the HUM of the original sound. 
  7. Now invite it into your being. FEEL IT reverberate through you.
  8. Sit in meditation. LISTEN. Let the HUM be part of you or HUM yourself.
  9. Experiment with this. LISTEN and HUM. A combination of the two works best.

It will, if you so desire, be with you always. You can tune into it anytime and anywhere. Some describe it as the sound of the cicadas in the rainforest. The cicadas simply mimic and exaggerate the sound that's always there and always will be. As you continue to embrace this wonderful sound, a greater harmony and centeredness will be with you.

Happy humming.